Gift Guide: For Him

Gifts your guy is sure to love! These have all been tested and approved by my boyfriend.

Have a few gifts for guys still on your list? You’re in the right place! I got a little help from my boyfriend, Dave, with this men’s gift guide. All of these gifts have been personally approved by him!

1. Leather Gloves | 2. Dopp Kit | 3. Pizza Oven | 4. Meater Plus | 5. Sonos Speaker | 6. Rolling Cooler | 7. Theragun Mini | 8. Travel Case | 9. Upgraded Underwear | 10. UGG Slippers | 11. Leather Catchall | 12. Porsche Book | 13. Bombas | 14. Nike Sneakers

  1. Canada Goose Leather Gloves | When you need to stay warm, no one does it like Canada Goose. These leather gloves are top notch!
  2. Lucchese Leather Dopp Kit | Dave has a small leather Dopp kit and as much as he loves it and claims it’s all he needs, it doesn’t fit a whole lot. While he doesn’t want a bigger one, I feel like this Lucchese kit is the perfect size. (He’s recently started on a small skincare regimen so we’ll see how traveling goes now… I think he’s going to want a bigger case. 😈) Anyway, Dave’s dad loves Lucchese boots, so I figured this high-quality leather bag would be a great addition to the gift guide.
  3. Ooni Volt Indoor Electric Pizza Oven | I got Dave the Ooni Koda pizza oven for his birthday last year and we love being able to host pizza parties with it. The one downside of the gift was that we really only use it during the summer months, as it has to be connected to propane and used outdoors. They figured out a fix for that, that’s also more environmentally friendly, too. Meet their new ELECTRIC pizza oven, the Ooni Volt. You can use it indoors or out!
  4. Meater Plus Bluetooth Enabled Meat Thermometer | Dave doesn’t (yet) have this meat thermometer, but his brother does and I’ve seen it in action over the holidays. It’s so convenient how it connects with your phone!
  5. Sonos Roam Bluetooth Speaker | Dave keeps this little Sonos in his office, as it connects through WiFi to the rest of the Sonos system in our house. But it also switches to Bluetooth mode so we take it with us whenever we travel! Great for having in a hotel room, by a pool, etc.
  6. Yeti Roadie Rolling Cooler | This was Dave’s birthday present this year and it was a big hit. One of my girlfriends ended up buying it for her husband, too. The telescoping handle makes it so you can wheel it like a suitcase, which makes a world of a difference.
  7. Theragun Mini Recovery Device | I got Dave the 1st generation of this back in 2020 and we still use it at least once a week! The new 2nd generation device comes with multiple attachments for the same price, which is a no-brainer. It’s apparently lighter, too!
  8. Sunglasses + Watch Travel Case | If your guy is into watches and/or sunglasses, this travel case would make for a perfect gift. If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s that they like to fit as much as they can into one vessel. So a case that fits four different objects is definitely a win. 🤪
  9. Saxx Underwear | These are the only boxer / briefs that Dave owns. They’re apparently ‘life-changing.’ 🤷‍♀️
  10. UGG Ascot Slippers | I sound like a broken record, but again, Dave has these and loves them. Dave’s dad also keeps a pair at Dave’s brothers house. They also come in little kid sizing, and this is the women’s equivalent pair that I have.
  11. Monogrammed Leather Catchall | Since guys don’t have handbags to house all of the loose ends in their pockets, one of these catchalls near their closet is a must. Loose bills and change, their wallet, keys, etc. If what he’s using right now needs a luxe little upgrade, this one is perfect.
  12. Leather-Bound Porsche Book | Last year, I got Dave’s dad this leather-bound Ballparks book for Christmas. There are so many different options depending on your guy’s interest! I included a shopping widget below with so many different interests… Country music, the Beatles, Mark Twain, hiking, roadtrips, golf, baseball, football, beer, whiskey, dogs, watches, and more. While it’s not leather, this sneaker book would also make for a great gift! (I actually own it and it’s a really substantial coffee table book. $30 is the lowest price I’ve ever seen it.)
  13. Bombas Socks | There aren’t better socks than Bombas! They’re the only socks Dave wears, and I know his dad wears them, as well. (Although I’m admittedly less familiar with his sock drawer 🤪)
  14. Nike Blazers | I got Dave three pairs of shoes for Christmas last year and they were all a hit! I don’t want to spoil anything (on the rare chance he sees this), but I’ve wrapped two pairs of sneakers for him under the tree this year. Dave has great taste and I almost always like what he picks out, but it’s fun having the opportunity to pick out what I love for him. More often than not, I try to buy him clothes and shoes from Nordstrom so I know returns will be easy peasy and he’ll definitely be able to find something to exchange it for. But I’ve got to admit, I’m at a 0% return rate at the moment, for the entire 3.5 years we’ve been dating. 👑

I actually pulled together a big collection of sneakers that I love for guys! You can see them all here. I’m obsessed with these and would have gotten them for Dave, but they were just released this week and I’m already done shopping. A few more favorites that Dave has and loves: these, these, and these.

Leather Books for Every Interest

Country music, the Beatles, Mark Twain, The Christmas Carol, hiking, roadtrips, golf courses, Tiger Woods, baseball ballparks, football, beer, whiskey, dogs, watches, you name it. While it’s not leather, this sneaker book would also make for a great gift! (And it’s currently marked down to $30. I actually have it! It’s a big, thick book. Great for a shelf or coffee table!)

More Holiday Gift Ideas

I mentioned the Baseball 100 book in last year’s Men’s Gift Guide and I know a bunch of you ordered the book last year! I’ve gotten so much feedback that it was such a hit, so I wanted to be sure to let you know that the author just released a sequel of sorts! I think it would make for a great follow-up gift this year. 🎁 Why We Love Baseball: A History in 50 Moments

Dave’s dad read (and loved!) this book earlier this year, and then gifted it to Dave over the summer. I’ve never seen Dave so hooked on a book! I believe he’s since ordered a copy for a few friends. If the guy on your list is a baseball fan, chances are good he’ll love this book. Especially if he’s over 40! It’s a hardcover under $25, too.

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