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Guys are notoriously the hardest to shop for! When it comes to your boyfriend, you can usually figure something out (experiences together are always some of my favorite gifts to give!), but when it comes to dads, brothers, fathers-in-law, etc., we’re usually all thinking the same thing… What do you get the guy that has everything?!

1. Black Leather Basketball Hoop  |  2. Coravin Wine Preservation System  |  3. Tom Ford Candle  |  4. Brown Leather Coolers  |  5. Bamboo Bar Tool Set  |  6. Leather Tape Measure  |   7. Sorel Waterproof Boots  |  8. Xtratuf Leather Ankle Deck Boot  |  9. Black Smart Grow House  |  10. Theragun Mini

  1. I saw this leather basketball hoop and thought it was SO cool! I feel like most guys would love to hang a hoop in their office or man cave, but most ladies I know would shoot that idea down real quick. This one actually looks pretty chic, so it’s a win-win for both parties! It’s available in a white leather, too.
  2. If you’re shopping for a guy that likes wine or has a great wine collection, this Coravin Wine Preservation System would make for an awesome gift! It’s CO2 powered and allows you to pour a single glass of wine (or taste!) from a bottle without removing the cork or ruining the wine. So cool, right?! #science
  3. I mean this candle just looks f*cking fabulous! Suggest they put it on their bathroom counter for the little reminder every morning.
  4. Okay now these leather coolers are SO effing CHIC! I’m obsessed with them… They’re quite pricey, but if all of your siblings went in together, it would be a really unique gift for dad. I’m convinced Dave’s dad would love one of these!
  5. This bar tool set is one of the best looking I’ve seen! If he’s into making cocktails and could you a little bit of elevation in his bar tool game, scoop these up.
  6. When I initially saw this leather tape measure online, my first thought was Dave’s dad. He’s the kind of guy that likes to be prepared! And when you already have everything or get it for yourself, personalized items tend to be a cool route. But when I later saw it in person, it’s actually a soft, clothing tape measure inside. (So maybe if he’s into sewing?!) I had assumed it was a heavy duty tape measure and thought any guy would appreciate the upgrade!
  7. These Sorel boots are waterproof, but look dapper enough to wear for everyday! If your guy is in need of a new pair of boots, I’m sure these would fit the bill. Dave has these boots and is probably in need of a new pair since he’s worn them so much over the years, and a few years back I got my brother this pair that he loved, too.
  8. But we all know that guys need their outdoor boots for doing things in the yard! Most of the time, I find all boots that fit into this category repulsive, but I actually think the leather pair of these Xtratuf boots look nice. And I’ve heard RAVE reviews from guys that own these boots! If the guy on your list doesn’t have his own yard, Dave has and loves both this pair and this pair for walking the dog. Stylish is not a word I’d use to describe either of those styles, but you win some, you lose some.
  9. My girlfriend, Rach, got an indoor herb garden for Christmas last year and since she’s a chef, her and Dave have a lot of overlap in interests. Dave thought it was so cool and would be nice to have, but didn’t like how it was kind of an eye sore (it’s not that bad, he’s just particular about “not junking up his place”), so I mentally removed it from my gift list. But I came across this sleek, all-black one and I’m really tempted to get it for him for Christmas! (We’ll see if he reads my blog.. 😂)
  10. Another gift that I got Dave for Christmas last year… The Theragun Mini! It was a major hit… After a lot of research, I went with the smaller one because it’s easier to use on yourself and it’s easier to travel with. Great for runners! (PS: They’re all on sale right now at this retailer!!)

Like I mentioned above, you truly cannot go wrong with experiential gifts! (Bonus points if you can do it together.) A concert, a sporting event, a trip, a round of golf, you get the idea.

MasterClass is another great idea —  something I actually got Dave for Christmas last year! They run a holiday special where you get two annual memberships for the price of one, so I have it, too.

If cooking is his thing, I’ve been eyeing this pizza oven! (A gift I’m saving in my back pocket for when we have more outdoor space.) It’s pricey, but currently 20% off. An Our Place pan is a good idea, too… And it’s on sale for $99! I *almost* got this for Dave last year, but since he’s a great cook and knows his way around the kitchen, I kind of convinced myself that the one-pot thing wouldn’t be his style. Fast forward to his parents getting it for him for his birthday this year… he LOVES it. Especially how easy it is to clean up!

If by some chance he doesn’t have a set of large cube ice molds or his are on the crappier side (all ice molds are not created equal — trust.), I’ve found Zoku to be the BEST! You can’t go wrong with these ice spheres, or this set of cubes.

This Yeti cooler bag is another thing Dave absolutely loves… It comes in so handy with roadtrips. Would make for a great gift!

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