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Wellness + Woo Woo Blogger shares her Holiday Gift Guide for the Spiritual Girlies

This gift guide is for the wellness gurus and woo-woo girlies! From astrology workbooks to bath salts and tarot cards to wine alternatives, there’s a little something for everyone in this round-up. Because we’re all just trying to live our best lives, right?

1. Moon Ritual Workbook  |  2. Osea Travel Set  |  3. Bath Salts  |  4. Workout Set  |  5. Wine Alternatives  |  6. Loose Leaf Teas  |  7. Lifestacks  |  8. Oversized Tarot Deck

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  1. The Modern Astrologer’s 2024 Moon Ritual Workbook | My favorite astrologer, Lauren from The Modern Astrologer, launched her first product this year, just in time for the holidays. I got my hands on a copy and can’t wait to crack it open for moon rituals in 2024! Only $44, and it’s a gift they’ll be able to use all year long.
  2. Osea Malibu Vagus Nerve Bath Travel Set | A three-piece wellness and relaxation set to help you unwind from the stress of every day and prep for a blissful night’s sleep. Great for when you’re traveling and sleeping in a new place! Also available in a full-size trio.
  3. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Bath Salts | I actually bought a set of these when I was *in* Iceland at the Blue Lagoon. These are bath salts harvested from the geothermal bioactive Blue Lagoon Seawater, which is renowned for its revitalizing and soothing effect on the skin.
  4. Beyond Yoga Set | NOTHING is cozier than a Beyond Yoga Spacedye set, and I especially love these shimmery stars and moons on their newest shine set.
  5. Apothekary Co Wine Alternatives | The perfect gift for your sober-curious friends and family! If your friend or loved one is experimenting with Soberish, or planning on doing their annual Dry January, these natural wine alternatives could make for a great gift! A few products to check out: this trio of Free Spirit Minis, Stop Your Wine-ing herbal blend, and Wine Down red wine alternative.
  6. Cosmic Dealer Teas | From the female-founded, Paris-based brand Cosmic Dealer, each of these beautiful loose-leaf herbal teas are made with a unique blend of high-quality, organic ingredients. These ingredients were carefully chosen using the ancient wisdom of traditional Indian Ayurvedic healing practices, meaning each variety is specifically designed to help your mind and body the natural way. The perfect way to turn a morning routine into an intentional self-care ritual! These teas are a great gift for wellness gurus and foodies alike.
  7. Lifestacks MCT with Nootropics and Adaptogens | I started using this MCT powder in September and I absolutely love it! Lifestacks is a brain-boosting stack of MCTs, nootropics, and adaptogens that lifts your brain fog and helps you think more clearly. Plus, just one scoop in my coffee takes away the need for any cream or sugar in the mornings! I love it in smoothies, too, for the best chocolate, vanilla, or hazelnut flavor. (I most recently bought the three-pack.) It’s a good, clean boost of energy without a crash.
  8. Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Cards | Even the most casual of mystics knows that the first rule of tarot is to never buy your own deck! This is a large-scale take on the quintessential deck created by scholarly mystic Arthur Edward Waite back in 1909. This set of 78 oversized cards features all of the major and minor arcana, illustrated with artist Pamela Colman Smith’s iconic vintage drawings. Not only will these cards make a practical addition to any aspiring oracle’s arsenal, but they also just look cool sitting out on the coffee table, where they’ll be ready for impromptu readings and daily card pulls.

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There’s nothing a woo-woo gal loves more than a reading! Trust. I’ve absolutely adored the multiple readings I’ve gotten with Cindy from Revealing Soul, Lauren from The Modern Astrologer, and Bridget from Intuitively Bridget.

Specifically, ‘Year Ahead’ readings are the gift that keep on giving. I always buy myself The Modern Astrologer’s Year Ahead Numerology Reading and I re-listen to it at the start of every month as I’m planning and setting goals for the month. It’s $75 and she only does 75 per year. (I think there are 11 spots left.) When scheduling, just pick January 1st, but it’s pre-recorded and will be sent to you or the recipient before the end of the year.

Bridget is also doing Year Ahead readings! You can see her holiday offerings here.


A big-ticket gift for the wellness gurus in your life would be the Oura Ring! I need to do a full review, but I got mine in June and haven’t taken it off since. It tracks your sleep, activity, temperature, heart rate, stress, and probably other things I’m forgetting! Based on those things, it can predict when you’re starting to feel under the weather, and even which day you’re going to start your period. I love the insights!

If you order from their website directly, you’ll pre-pay for the ring, and then a sizing kit will be delivered to you, or directly to your gift recipient. It’s sort of different sizing than your traditional ring sizes, but surprisingly similar to fashion jewelry sizing. Regardless, I enjoyed being able to try on different sizes and wear them around, but I ended up getting the same size I thought I would need to get.

You can also order the ring sizer for $10 from Best Buy if you don’t want to commit to buying the ring upfront. They also carry the ring sizing kit in stores if you need a last-minute gift! (You can order online and pick up in-store.) If you’re a Best Buy loyalist, you can order the ring from them, as well.

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