Gift Guide: For Him

The best holiday gifts and Christmas present for guys.

While I typically like to get my Gift Guides published on the blog before Thanksgiving, I know it can be information overload on the internet surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Speaking from experience, I’ve found that you’ve probably already shopped for the easy people on your list at this point. (And bought a lot of things for yourself with all of the sales, too! 😬) But now’s the time when you could really use some help finding the perfect gift for those that are harder to shop for… Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

Every day this week, I’ll be sharing a new gift guide! Today, we’re going over gifts for him, and throughout the rest of the week you’ll find my guides to gifts for her, your parents and in-laws, the holiday host, and your furry friends, too.

So let’s get to it… Here are thirteen of the best gifts for guys! I’ve either given these as gifts to my boyfriend, dad, or brothers, or either Dave or his dad have gotten these as a gifts and appreciated them. So rest assured these are tried-and-tested!

1. The Baseball 100  |  2. Leather File Folder  |  3. Bombas Socks  |  4. Theragun Mini  |  5. Ralph Lauren Hat  |  6. Tom Dixon Whiskey Glasses  |  7. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones  |  8. The Ultimate Sneaker Book  |  9. Ooni Pizza Oven & 10. Ooni Pizza Peel  |  11. Leather Fly Swatter  |  12. Leather Jumper Cable Kit  |  13. Tortoise Shell Lighters

  1. The Baseball 100  |  Dave’s dad read (and loved!) this book earlier this year, and then gifted it to Dave over the summer. I’ve never seen Dave so hooked on a book! I believe he’s since ordered a copy for a few friends. If the guy on your list is a baseball fan, chances are good he’ll love this book. Especially if he’s over 40! It’s a hardcover under $25, too.
  2. Leather File Folder  |  When it comes to gifts for dads, I feel like you can’t go wrong with leather goods, especially when they’re monogrammed. Everyday objects, but in an elevated luxe material… Great for the guys that literally have everything. Last year, we got Dave’s dad a monogrammed leather tape measure, but I saw this leather file folder and knew it had to be included in this year’s gift guide. It’s made from vachetta leather, the same leather as Louis Vuitton handles, so it will patina beautifully with age. I’m also obsessed with these leather coolers, I believe they were in last year’s gift guide, but I understand they are quite expensive. Might be a fun gift if you’re all pooling in with a big family, though!
  3. Bombas Socks  |  These are both Dave and his dad’s favorite socks, and mine, too! Great stocking stuffer idea.
  4. Theragun Mini  |  I got this for Dave for Christmas two years ago and we still use it all the time! Perfect for sore muscles, or just getting a random knot out here and there without having to go in for a deep tissue massage.
  5. Ralph Lauren Hat  |  Who can resist a Ralph Lauren bear? Cute that it’s in Cubs colors, too!
  6. Tom Dixon Whiskey Glasses  |  Love these slightly smokey DOF glasses. I can picture them on a bar cart in a dark moody office.
  7. Bose Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones  |  Now that travel is ramping back up again, he may be in need of a new pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Personally, I use these every single day at my desk since Dave and I both work from home. Dave has a pair he uses for travel, too!
  8. The Ultimate Sneaker Book  |  If you’ve got a sneaker head on your list, he (or she!) is sure to love this book. Would look great on a bookshelf or coffee table, too.
  9. Ooni Pizza Oven  |  I got Dave this pizza oven for his birthday and we used it all summer long! You do need outdoor space (a small patio would do!), so keep that in mind. But if you’ve got a pizza lover on your list, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving. I’d recommend getting this set, as you’ll need all three of these things!
  10. Ooni Pizza Peel  |  We’ve discovered that you really do need the bamboo peel, the perforated peel, and the turning peel. We have all three!
  11. Leather Fly Swatter  |  Please see #2 for reasons that everyday objects in leather just seem so much cooler. Dave’s dad actually got a leather fly swatter a few summers ago and was jazzed about it so take that as your proof, haha.
  12. Leather Jumper Cable Kit  |  Okay, maybe I went all-in on leather goods this year, haha. But they really are my go-to for all guys I know!
  13. Tortoise Shell Lighters  |  If the guy on your list loves a stogie, a chic lighter is sure to please.

Another thing that didn’t make the collage…

NFL 100  |  A leather-bound book that would be perfect in a guy’s office!  There’s also this one all about baseball parks.

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PS: If you’re ever in need of shopping and/or gifting assistance, I can help with that! You can find out more here. And if you need to reference back, you can always find all of my previous gift guides here!

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