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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Boyfriend and Husband

After posting my Valentine’s Day gift picks for her earlier this week, I got a flood of DMs on Instagram asking for help with little gifts for him! This is actually my first non-single Valentine’s Day in a decade (literally!) so while I may not be an expert by experience, gift-giving is something I take lots of pride in, and always one of my favorite services to help clients with, too.

While I don’t think guys expect much in terms of Valentine’s Day gifts, I think it’s always fun to surprise your loved ones with a little somethin’ somethin’. While I’m pretty positive no guy would ever turn down lingerie, I understand that can be on the more stressful side of gifts to give! For those that are more modest or in a newer relationship, simply switching out your everyday nude undergarments with something a little sexier is sure to be a welcome surprise. (And yes, I really hope my dad is not reading this post. 🙃) You can’t go wrong with a lacy bralette and a matching pair of undies!

For something more cutesy, a heart-printed pair of boxers or briefs (or boxer briefs) would be great. While I think the branding is kind of vulgar, Dave (my bf) only wears this brand and swears they’re the most comfortable briefs you can buy. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Bloomingdale’s has a large selection of their prints, too!

A printed pair of socks with hearts or something equally as festive would also do the trick. Dave loves the Bombas ankle socks (that sadly don’t come in any fun V-Day prints), but they do have this pair of trouser socks!

For Christmas, I got Dave this silver picture frame and had a photo of his dog and me (that he took) printed to go inside. I don’t think it was his favorite gift he’s ever received, but he does have it on his desk and it’s a nice sentimental option!

If you’re looking for something more experiential, picking up some nice steaks and a good bottle of red wine would be a nice stay-at-home idea! (If you’re in Chicago, check out Paulina Market!)

And if you’re opting out of the gift route, you can’t go wrong with a funny card!

Feel free to DM me on IG if you need more ideas, wine recommendations, etc!

Links from the collage above…

1. Don’t Get Used to It Undies Card  |  This one made me laugh! 😂

2. Jo Malone Red Roses Candle  |  I’m not sure if all guys love candles as much as Dave, but if they do, this candle could be the more long-lasting equivalent to a bouquet!

3. Washable Unisex Silk Boxers  |  Buy these for him, but then you’ll forever have a chic pair of boxers to wear around the house! Win, win.

4. The Dating Cards  |  52 Question Cards to Spark Insightful & Playful Encounters

5. Fresh Sugar Face Polish  |  While serums and moisturizers seem to be a foreign concept to men my age, I’ve found that they do appreciate a good cleanser. There have been a few times I’ve caught Dave poking around my toiletry bag… Apparently he loves this face wash and this leave-in hair conditioner. 😂 I don’t know for sure, but I can totally see this Fresh face polish being a winner for guys! To keep it on theme, this Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash or this Rose Sugar Scrub could be other alternatives.

6. Spark Romance Game  |  50 Ways to Deepen Your Connection

7. Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs with the “Ball Park Pouch”  |  As mentioned above, the branding on these things makes me cringe, but they’re apparently life changing.

8. Can’t Wait to Get You Malone! Card  |  If your beau loves Posty, they’ll love this card.

9. Only Hearts Lace Thong  |  I haven’t personally tried Only Hearts, but they seem like a great quasi-affordable line of lacy undergarments! They’re sustainably made, manufactured in NYC, and apparently loved by a lot of celebs, too.

10. Happy Socks 3-Pack  |  If your guy loves a kitschy trouser sock, I’m sure he’ll love these.

11. Good Times: A Coffee Table Photo Album  |  I loved the look of this when I saw it! It’s a more modern-day photo album that looks like a coffee table book or would look great on a shelf. And do you know a guy that doesn’t decorate with grey?! 😂 It looks like a fun, addable book that you can also write notes or stories around the pics!

12. I’m Glad You’re As Weird As Me Candle  |  I mean, isn’t that the cornerstone of all relationships?!

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  1. 1.30.21
    Bets said:

    Great finds. Recently discovered these! Fun gift idea for a man who enjoys his craft cocktails.

    • 2.1.21
      Jessica said:

      Always a great gift for someone who doesn’t have them! My boyfriend and I are both obsessed with this set:
      I use them in iced coffee, cocktails, anything really!