10 Outfits for Winter Weather

Bows & Sequins shares her 10 favorite winter outfits.

Kicking off the first of many new series on the blog today! Ten Outfits will be a monthly series (usually around the 10th of the month, because I’m always entirely too literal) featuring ten of my favorite outfits for the month. Groundbreaking, I know. 😜 We wanted to implement this series because there are six years of content within the blog and it’s not always necessary to re-invent the wheel, you know? A lot of times when I stumble upon old outfits, I feel inspired to wear the outfit again or re-create it with pieces I’m currently loving in my closet. I hope these Ten Outfits help you to do the same!

1. Long Printed Jacket + Waxed Jeans

Bows & Sequins styling a plaid coat, turtleneck sweater, waxed jeans, and suede sneakers for winter.

Check out the original post here!

2. Long Camel Coat + All Black + Printed Scarf

Bows & Sequins styling an outfit for a winter basketball game: long camel coat, black sweater, black jeans and booties, windowpane scarf, and a pop of red (or your teams colors!)

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3. Navy Coat + White Jeans + Black Booties

Bows & Sequins wearing a winter outfit with white jeans in Chicago.

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4. Patchwork Fur Jacket + Suede Skirt

Bows & Sequins styling a faux fur jacket for winter: grey turtleneck, suede skirt, black tights, booties

Check out the original post here! (I styled this jacket three different ways…)

5. All Grey + Pop of Pink

Bows & Sequins styling an all grey outfit with a pop of pink. Perfect for winter!

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6. Fairisle Sweater + OTK Boots

Bows & Sequins shares 10 go-to winter outfits

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7. Camel & White + Pop of Leopard

Bows & Sequins styling a camel and white outfit for winter!

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8. All Black + Fuzzy White Cardigan

Bows & Sequins shares ten of her favorite winter outfits!

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9. Black + Grey + White

Bows & Sequins styling a monochromatic black, grey and white outfit during the winter. You *can* pull off white jeans when there's snow on the ground.

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10. Neutrals + Pop of Leopard

Bows & Sequins styling a cute outfit for winter travel!

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Browse the rest of my winter outfits from over the years right here!

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  1. 1.10.17
    Alyssa said:

    Love this series! 2 questions: How do you keep #2 from looking aggressive when you have to take the coat off? And do you buy different white jeans for summer vs. winter?

    Alyssa | Feathers and Stripes

  2. 1.10.17
    Rena said:

    Love the winter looks you recommend! You look fantastic in them!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks so much, Rena! And thank you for always leaving the loveliest comments. xoxo

  3. 1.10.17
    caroline said:

    #5 is my fave! always love a pop of pink!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      Can’t go wrong with a pop of pink anytime of year, but I love how it instantly brightens up a dreary winter day! I’m a big fan of blush pink paired with all shades of grey.

  4. 1.10.17
    Liv said:

    Thanks for the inspiration!



    • 1.20.17
      Jessica said:

      Of course! Thanks for commenting, Liv!

  5. 1.10.17
    Taylor said:

    Love these winter looks! Especially love that you wear the white jeans in the winter because I’m always so scared to do it but I LOVE white jeans and “winter white”.

    The Sarcastic Blonde

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      As long as the rest of your outfit is very winter appropriate, I think it’s totally doable. I feel like it’s easier with neutrals vs bold colors!

  6. 1.10.17
    Jackie said:

    these look like such pretty outfits and if I had winter where I live I would love these and take so many ideas from this.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      So jealous you don’t have winter!!

  7. 1.10.17
    Tracy said:

    #9 is my ideal outfit. I am excited for this series as your pairings always make me think outside of my norm.

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      #9 is one of my all-time favorites, too!!

  8. 1.10.17
    Vallerie Stanley said:

    I thank you so much. Please continue the great work of giving me ideas to stay looking fresh. PuS. I miss you on Evince.

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks so much Vallerie!

  9. 1.10.17
    Angela said:

    Love this idea for a series! Look #2 is my favorite!


    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      All black is what I’ve been gravitating towards the past few months, too! A camel coat and a pop of red definitely freshens it up a bit.

  10. 1.10.17
    abigail said:

    I always adore your outfits so thanks so much for sharing these. I love the camel coat and the cute little pink bag, it’s stunning!

    Abigail Alice

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      Thank you! Both are closet staples, for sure!

  11. 1.10.17
    Kate said:

    Such great looks! #6 is my favorite. It’s such a classic winter look

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      I still wear that sweater constantly! Looks great with both blue jeans and the grey, too.

  12. 1.10.17
    Jill said:

    LOVE #8 but how does the sweater not shed all over the black? lol.

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      That sweater was THE BEST! Sadly, I wore it to death and don’t still have it. It was seriously the best material… It didn’t shed AT ALL because it wasn’t wool based.

  13. 1.10.17
    Charlotte said:

    Jess, I loveeee the white & camel look on you! This is a fun series, can’t wait to see your other looks down the road 🙂

    • 1.10.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks so much! xx