Weekend Reading

Man, oh man! It’s been quite some time since I rounded up all of my favorite links around the web. I’ve been keeping a document to save noteworthy links, though, so let’s get back on track!

Just in time for the Superbowl, I created a Sporting Event category in my Style Guide. If you are wanting some straight-forward style advice for what to wear, I did a post about Superbowl Style last year. You can check that out here!

Did you see that J.Crew launched sunglasses?! They did a great job of hitting all of the classic styles and I like the pops of color that they incorporated. I need to make a trip to the store to try them on… Have you tried them yet?

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One Month Challenge

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, the side-effects of working from home, I suppose. Too much time in your own head 😉 When do I feel like I’m living my best life? There are times that I feel over-the-moon by my day-to-day, and other times that I don’t feel so fulfilled even though I love my job, apartment, family & friends. So it makes me wonder… How can I focus on channeling that happy, fulfilled feeling every day? I’ve found that I feel happiest when I slow down, appreciate and find joy in the simple things, let my passion show through my work, exercise often, eat mindfully, and keep a tidy home. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? For whatever reason, it hasn’t been happening lately. I’ve been in a major funk that I’m pretty antsy to get out of. I made a pact with myself to take on February with fresh, sparkly new outlook, each and every day.

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Grey on Grey

It’s been too chilly for a skirt and tights lately so I’ve had to get creative with my denim… I recently re-discovered this pair of grey jeans in my closet (and was shocked that they still fit, to be totally honest!) and they’ve been fun to re-style. To travel back in time, I’ve previously worn on the blog herehere, & here!

For a night out in Aspen, I paired my grey jeans with a grey turtleneck sweater, a pair of black suede boots (more on my footwear choices here!), and the black and white flannel scarf that I’ve been wearing on repeat. I topped it off with a black beanie and a pop of print with my leopard clutch. PS: My beanie is on sale for $16 if you’re on the market!

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Valentine’s Day

No matter if you’re wifed up or #SingleAF, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate! In years past when I’ve been newly single, I’ve sometimes felt a little bit nauseated by all of the lovey dovey feelings in the air, but I’ve learned to embrace it, both single and taken. It’s the month of love, and that’s something the world can definitely use a bit more of. I adore this time of year when stores become filled with pink, red, and hearts… It feels so festive and warm, especially when it’s notoriously cold and grey outside. Whether it’s going to be a Valentine’s Day with your guy or a Galentine’s Day, or you’re going to focus on self-love this year, it’s always fun to shop for Valentine-themed gifts!

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Favorite Fitness Classes

Like pretty much everyone, exercise and healthy eating was on my list of things to focus on this year. I’m pretty good about working out most of the time, it’s the eating part where I throw caution to the wind. My goal this year is to focus on mixing up my workouts. Since I moved to Chicago, I got in a routine of doing the same workouts over and over and kind of hit a plateau. I want to add a few more things to the mix to shake things up a bit, and you know, see results!

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