Sephora Spring Sale

Lilac Saie Beauty boxes open on bathroom counter in front of a Sephora bag. Chicago beauty blogger Bows & Sequins shares her favorite products to buy in the Sephora Spring Sale.

The Sephora Spring Sale is one that I always feel like I need to prepare for. The Sephora Savings Event happens twice a year… once in the Spring and once in the Fall. In case you need a refresher, I’ve included more about the sale details below. But don’t forget to scroll down… All of my top picks and what I’m personally buying today are at the bottom of this post!

Sephora Spring Sale Dates

This year, the Sephora Spring Sale kicks off on Friday, April 5th and runs until Monday, April 15th.

Sephora Spring Sale Dates Rouge VIB

How does the Sephora Spring Savings Event work?

To shop the Sephora spring sale, you need to be a part of their Beauty Insiders rewards program. Don’t worry, it’s free to join and a total no-brainer! Once you’re a part of the program, you’ll start earning points on every purchase made. You can redeem your points for free products or save them to use for money off your in-store Sephora hauls or your online orders!

Rouge members have early access to the sale and get to shop a few days early! (This year, from 4/5-4/8.) Why does this matter? Hot products tend to sell out quickly in the Sephora sale.

Rouge members are also able to gift one friend 20% off during the sale!

Then, beginning on April 9th, VIB & Insiders have access to the sale until April 15th!

Throughout the entirety of the sale, you can take 30% off all Sephora Collection products, too!

How do the Sephora Beauty Insider levels work?

Sephora has three different tiers for their Beauty Insider rewards program, based on annual spend.

All members earn 1 point per $1 spent! You can cash in those points in the Rewards Bazaar or build them up to take money off of a future order. Throughout the year, Sephora also offers double, triple, or even quadruple points on certain products or categories, too! It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on this Beauty Offers page to take advantage of those deals and score free samples.

Sephora’s highest level is ROUGE, with an annual spend of $1,000 or more. During the Sephora semi-annual sales, Rouge members save 20%.

You can reach VIB status with an annual spend of $350. VIB members save 15% during the Sephora sales events.

Everyone, regardless of your spend, joins at the Insider level! You’re still able to earn points for every dollar spent and can take 10% off your purchases during the Sephora sales.

Sephora Spring Sale Promo Code

This year’s Sephora Spring Sale promo code is YAYSAVE! Enter the discount code before checkout to see your basket reflect the savings.

What Sells Out in the Sephora Savings Event?

If you’ve got your eyes on any of these items, I’d recommend setting a calendar reminder with an alarm on the morning you’re able to shop the sale!

Dyson Hair Products | The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, AirWrap Styler, and Airstraight Straightener have all sold out pretty quickly in past sales. FYI: You’re only able to checkout with ONE Dyson item per transaction during the sale!

Shark Beauty Products | Similarly, you’re only able to have one Shark Beauty item per transaction.

Nutrafol Hair Supplement | You’re only able to buy three packages of these!

Sephora Sale FAQs

1. What time of year does Sephora have sales?

In the past few years that I’ve been keeping track, they usually happen in April and the end of October through early November.

2. How many times can you use the Sephora spring code? How many times can I shop the Sephora sale? Is Sephora spring sale one time use?

You can use the Sephora sale code as many times as you’d like! You can place multiple orders online during your shopping window, as well as shop in-store multiple times.

3. When is Sephora spring sale 2024? When does Sephora spring sale start? How long does the Sephora spring sale last?

The semiannual 2024 Sephora spring sale starts today (April 5th) for Rouge members and April 9 for VIBs and Insiders. The event lasts through April 15!

4. Are there exclusions in the Sephora spring sale?

Only a few! The discount does not apply to the following brands: The Ordinary and Proven Skincare. MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM products are also not included.

What I’m Buying in the Sephora Spring Sale

Now for the fun part… SHOPPING the Sephora Sale! I’ve been keeping a list on my phone (as I do) for the last month whenever I’ve come across a product I want to try or realize I’ll soon need a refill or something.

Tried-and-True Refills

Saie Airset Powder | I bought this translucent setting powder last spring in the sale and it’s somehow lasted me until now! The packaging is done well, which makes it hard to over apply — definitely something I’m usually guilty of. I’m on my final few applications though and this will be the first thing I add to my cart. I truly love this setting powder! It’s somehow hydrating while feeling like absolutely nothing. It leaves the most natural-looking finish, too. Plus, Saie is a CLEAN beauty brand! 👏🏻

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation  | I’ve used this foundation for a few years, and while sometimes I like to play around with others, this is always my tried-and-true favorite. I love it so much! I know it’s pricey, but it is available in a smaller size so you can try it out before committing to a whole bottle! *Also worth noting: I mentioned I was going to buy the coordinating primer in the last sale and I have to report that I don’t think it’s worth the money. It’s fine, not great. Better primers for less than $46.

Sol de Janeiro Beija Flor | Just like clockwork, I’m ready for my next tub of Sol de Janeiro! They last me exactly six months, from the fall Sephora sale until the spring. (Granted, I do mix in other body moisturizers to my routine!) The last few years, I’ve been buying the yellow tub (Brazilian Bum Bum Visibly Firming Refillable Body Cream) in the fall to last me all winter, and now it’s time for a springier scent in the light pink tub (Beija Flor™ Collagen-Boosting Elasti-Cream with Bio-Retinol and Squalane). Unfortunately, the light pink tub doesn’t seem to come in a refill size (even though I’ve saved my empty container for the last six months, haha). *Also worth noting: I tried the darker pink tub last year (Bom Dia Bright™ Visibly Brightening and Smoothing Body Cream with Vitamin C) and didn’t really care for it.

Saie Glowy Super Gel  | I have both colors of this and always mix a little bit with my foundation for a more luminous glow! I use Sunglow when I have a spray tan, and Starglow when I don’t. Since I don’t have a tan way more than I do, I currently only need a refill of the Starglow. I absolutely love that the glass bottles are refillable, but I actually usually opt for the mini sizes because they’re easier to fit in my makeup bags. I think I bought my last mini set in last year’s Spring sale, so they last me about ~a year since I only use one small pump when I actually wear makeup.

Supergoop Sunscreen | LOLOLOLOL 🤪 IYKYK. (If you don’t know, read this post.) I’ve got A LOT of replacing to do!

New Products I’m Trying

Innbeauty Extreme Cream | Apparently this stuff is similar to Augustinus Bader for $48! Anti-aging, firming, lifting, AND refillable. Where do I sign???

Saie’s NEW Slip Tint All-Over Concealer with Niacinamide | I’m going to pop in a Sephora to get shade matched this weekend. I’m Saie’s biggest fan (as evidenced here) and can’t wait to try their newest launch!

Supergoop’s NEW Protec(tint) Daily SPF Tint SPF 50 | This is a new Skin Tint with Hyaluronic Acid and Ectoin (which defends against oxidative stress caused by blue light, radiation, and pollution). Compared to the Saie product above, it seems like this is lighter coverage and also has SPF 50.

Supergoop’s NEW Triple Prep Moisturizer | I always buy a jar of Supergoop’s SuperScreen daily moisturizer in the Sephora spring sale and it lasts me through the entire summer season. It’s my morning go-to when I’m spending way more time outside gardening on our rooftop. However, they launched this new Triple Prep moisturizer within the last year and I figure I might as well try it to compare.

Supergoop MINERAL Unseen Sunscreen | The brand also recently launched a newer MINERAL version of our favorite UnSeen Sunscreen, so I’m excited to test that out.

Summer Friday’s NEW Jetlag Eye Serum with Retinol | Another new product that just launched within the last month or so! It’s said to be a gentle retinol serum, so hopefully not irritating on the under-eye area. Their Jet Lag Overnight Mask is one of my favorites so I’m hoping this follows course!

Saie Quilted Lilac Cosmetic Bag | Do I need another cosmetic bag?? No. But it’s my favorite color and since I own just about every single Saie product they make, it just seems fitting. Plus, it’s made from 100% rPET, a sustainable fabric created with recycled plastic bottles!

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream | I also probably don’t need another moisturizer, but I have dry skin and apply body moisturizer at least once everyday. I’ve heard good things about this one — it has a cinnamon scent and a subtle shimmer!

Setting Spray | I need a makeup setting spray! I’ve never really used one, but with all of the wedding festivities this year, I feel like I need to find one I like. Any suggestions??

Things I’m Not Buying, But You Should

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket | I’m not actually buying this, but it’s been on my wishlist since 2020. Someday!! Their Magnesium Bath Soak also sounds amazing, as does their copper-infused body brush.

Products I Love, But Don’t Need at the Moment

Saie Hydrabeam Concealer  | I’ve used this hydrating under-eye concealer for well over a year, I believe I bought it in January of 2023. Shockingly, my first tube lasted me almost a year… A little goes a long way. I’m now on my second tube, but won’t need a refill for a while.

Saie Sunvisor  | For days when I want a little something without applying a face of makeup, I use this ‘Radiant Moisturizer.’ It has great SPF coverage and the tiniest bit of glow. Also comes in a mini to try it out!

Current Faves

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  1. 4.5.24
    Lenne said:

    I love browsing through Sephora’s sales! I’m eyeing some refills like the the Armani Foundation, but also can’t wait to try out some new goodies! By the way, I love the Sol de Janeiro products! Especially the Bum Bum Cream and the Beija Flor range! Now I’m trying their Delicia range in the purple packaging. I love it so far!

    Lenne |

  2. 5.11.24
    Erin said:

    I’m definitely more of a minimalist now in terms of hair & beauty (really I don’t need a bajillion products I’d end up half using), but I’m eyeing the Sol De Janiero cream!