Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini

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If you’re looking for a non alcoholic espresso martini, you are IN LUCK, my friend! I found an espresso martini mocktail in a can and they are absolutely DELICIOUS. 10/10, no notes. Whether you’re sober curious, pregnant, cutting back on calories, or simply looking to consume less alcohol, you have to try these non alcoholic espresso martini cans!

Much like I am with any canned mocktail, I was extremely skeptical at first. Most pre-made mocktails I’ve found are loaded with sugar, which I’m not at all a fan of.

These Little Saints Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini Sparkling Cocktails totally passed my label test, though! Each one has only 5 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and just 30 mg of caffeine (which is ~1/3 of a cup of coffee).

I don’t know about you, but I’m always asking bartenders if they’re able to make my espresso martinis with decaf espresso. Sure, sometimes I’m looking for a jolt of caffiene to wake me up when I’m out. More often than not, however, I just love the taste of coffee (and espresso martinis). Now in my mid-30s, I’m much more conscious of my sleep hygiene and know that slurping a few shots of espresso after dinner is not going to give me the beauty sleep I’m hoping to get. (Or the high scores in my Oura Ring app!)

All that to say, I love that these little cans have much less caffiene than traditional espresso! Plus, they’re sugar free, as they’re sweetened with monkfruit. Dairy free, too!

Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini Recipes

I shouldn’t say little when refering to these espresso mocktails. These mocktail espresso martini cans are the perfect size! At eight ounces, they fill my cocktail coupes to the brim! (I mean, is it even a martini if you’re not starting off by sipping an overly full glass?!)

There’s some sort of voodoo magic in these cans, you guys. They TRULY remind me of the taste of an espresso martini! They’re absolutely delicious and taste like a coffee cocktail, but have a taste that makes you want to sip it, versus chug it down like you would an iced coffee. It’s pretty mind-blowing, honestly!

These non alcoholic espresso martinis are made with a botanical blend of reishi mushrooms and damiana leaf extract. I’m assuming these (non-Psilocybin) mushrooms have something to do with the great taste that just makes you want to sip.

Perhaps it’s just that I’m overly critical (because I am), but I firmly believe that the color of a mocktail has to match the color of the actual cocktail. Right?? It just makes sense.

They’re best served chilled, obviously. (Who likes a hot martini?!)

Health and wellness Chicago-based lifestyle blogger Bows & Sequins shares her favorite non alcoholic espresso martini in her living room.

Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini Recipe

A traditional alcoholic Espresso Martini consists of vodka, espresso, and simple syrup, although there are countless recipe variations including coffee liqueur, as well. Apparently, fashion icon and model Kate Moss asked a bartender in London for a drink that would “wake me up and f*ck me up,” which is where the espresso martini was born.

Typically, making a martini mocktail on your own is virtually impossible. Unless you’re a skilled bartender with complex alcohol free martini recipes, there’s really nothing that compares to the taste of alcoholic vodka, tequila, or gin, which is what most martinis are made of.

BUT there have been lots of cool non-alocholic spirits brands pop up over the last few years to make this a bit easier! If you’re hell bent on making your own virgin espresso martini from scratch, here are a few recipe ideas to get your started.

Lyre’s, one of my go-to non-alcoholic spirits brands, has a recipe for an easy non alcoholic espresso martini consisting of their non alcoholic coffee liqueur (like Kahlua), their white cane spirit, vanilla simple syrup, and cold brew or fresh espresso. Simply shake in a cocktail shaker and garnish with coffee beans. You can check out the recipe here.

The Zero Proof also has a non alcoholic espresso martini recipe that touts itself as being perfect! It has a few more ingredients, including maple syrup and bitters. You can find that recipe here.

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits also has an espresso martini mocktail recipe consisting of their Seedlip Spice #94, cold brew concentrate, and simple syrup. You can see the recipe here.


Can you make an espresso martini without liquor?

YES! Check out this recipe, this recipe, or this recipe to give you some inspiration before you start mixing mocktails.

What can you use instead of vodka in an espresso martini?

Try Lyre’s White Cane Spirit or even a non-alcoholic tequila.

Is there a non-alcoholic Kahlua?

Lyre’s makes a Kahlua alternative called Coffee Originale.

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