My New Favorite Shopping Hack

Instead of ‘My Favorite Shopping Hack,’ I was going to name this post ‘My Lifehack for Shopping,’ but was worried that would be a little too hyperbolic. Even I will admit that life hack seems a bit excessive when it comes to shopping. However, I recently discovered a new-to-me online shopping hack that has been pretty amazing, and had to share it with you! It would feel like gate-keeping to keep shopping discounts a secret, wouldn’t it?!

Amazon Shopping Hacks

Did you know you can order from Shopbop, Zappos, Gap, and I’m sure so many others through Amazon?? You get free shipping and fast delivery via Prime, easy/instant returns, and I’ve noticed you can take advantage of sales in a different way, too. If you’re a Prime Member, you’re going to want to read closely.

Shopbop on Amazon

During the last big Shopbop sale, Shopbop was offering 25% off purchases of $500+. But on Amazon, when I was shopping through Shopbop, most items were marked off 25%, without any spending threshold. (!!!) It appears that Amazon will automatically match the lower price without needing a promotion code. Such a great way to save money without being forced to spend!

Easy Online Returns

For the first few years I used Amazon, I didn’t return a thing. Since orders don’t come with a packing slip with return info, I didn’t take the time to investigate. At that time, I was mainly using Amazon for household essentials that I wouldn’t need to return, but I remember ordering the wrong size of something and ended up just donating it because I wasn’t sure how returns worked.

My boyfriend still operates in that manner… There’s nothing the man hates more than dealing with returns. I think he’d rather lose the money than have to be inconvenienced by the return. I’m the polar opposite so, needless to say, I handle all of the returns for our household.

I know this community is a savvy shopping crew and knows a lot of shopping hacks, but my favorite part of ordering on Amazon is the easy (and instant!) return process. Our local Whole Foods has a big return center, so I don’t have to make a special trip anywhere. I just take my Amazon returns to Whole Foods when I go grocery shopping, scan the barcode, and go. No printer or packaging is necessary!

For the handful of items that can’t be dropped off at Whole Foods, it’s a simple drop-off at UPS! I usually print my labels at home, but they’ll handle the taping there.

Plus, getting your refund almost instantly (usually within a few hours) is so nice! No more waiting weeks for the hold to be removed from your card.

Really Fast Shipping

We’ve all come to expect lightning-fast shipping these days! If you live in a major city, you know you can get a ton of items delivered via Amazon within 24 hours. In my opinion, that’s one of the best things about this ‘hack.’ You can get some of your favorite stores delivered in a much quicker manner!

Amazon Storefront Shopping Hack

As I mentioned earlier, so far I’ve shopped on Shopbop, Zappos, and Gap all via Amazon. Here are a few other brand stores I’ve found, organized by category…


Anastasia Beverly Hills, Caudalie, Clarins, Drunk Elephant, Elta MD, Lancôme, Malin + Goetz, Ouai, Paula’s Choice, Pureology, Redken, St. Tropez, Supergoop, Tatcha


Apple, Beats by Dre, Bose, Canon, Fujifilm


Adidas, Gap, Levis, Ray-Ban, Shopbop, Zappos


Bissell, Boy Smells, HydroFlask, Kitchen-Aid, La Colombe, Shark, Weber Grills

Amazon Shopping Hack

In the past, I’ve seen people complaining that they’ve received subpar products when ordering through Amazon. I believe that sort of thing was happening before major brands were selling through Amazon themselves. Joe Shmo would become an Amazon seller and sell products he had bought elsewhere. Now that major brands and retailers are selling through Amazon, you can look and confirm who your product is being sold by before you add it to your cart!

The backend logistics behind this means the brand has sent its inventory to an Amazon warehouse for Amazon to fulfill the orders. So you want for the retailer itself (Shopbop, Zappos, etc.) or

Online Shopping + Shopping Discounts

As much as I do love shopping in store, shopping online is really the only type of shopping I do these days, as I find it so much more efficient. And I doubt I’m alone on this because it seems like most things have shifted digitally… Even Black Friday has morphed into a Cyber Monday weekend.

Growing up, going to the mall was easily my favorite thing to do! Even if I didn’t have money to buy anything, I loved to browse. Bath & Body Works,

Not to mention, I feel like I rarely buy anything at full price these days. There are almost always discounts to be found!  I’d rather spend the time to click around and make sure I’m getting the best possible price on the product I’m shopping for!

Do you have any other shopping life hacks or online shopping hacks?? Let me know in the comments below! I’m all ears for shopping tricks or online shopping secrets.

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