Favorite Amazon Find: Tassi

Pink Terry Cloth Spa Headband for Face Washing

Well, I suppose Amazon find is actually kind of a lie. This product was introduced to me back when Amazon was still just an online book store, but the only place I can now find it is on Amazon!

Beauty blogger Bows & Sequins shares a favorite find from Amazon, the $15 Tassi terrycloth spa headband wrap to keep your hair out of your face when washing you face, doing your skincare routine, or masking.

When I went away to college in 2007, my aunt, Anne, gifted me with a monogrammed wrap towel and a Tassi. (Probably among many other things, but those are the two gifts I still recall clear-as-day, now  thirteen years later.) And since then, I’ve turned every one of my college roommates, every girlfriend I’ve traveled with, and even boyfriends’ moms onto them! No joke. Everyone that’s ever used mine, or really ever seen it, has bought one for themselves.

Tassi Headband Review for Removing Makeup

It’s quite simple in design… It’s essentially a giant terry-cloth scrunchie that works to keep your hair out of your face and holds its back at the same time. It’s as if a spa headband, a towel wrap, and a hair elastic had a baby.

You simply pull it down onto your neck, pull it back up like you would a sports headband, and then tuck your hair into the back. So easy. (There’s a tutorial on this page if you scroll down!)

But I seriously cannot wash my face without my Tassi! It keeps my hairline from getting wet, it keeps my hair or ponytail from falling in my face when I’m standing over the sink, it’s machine washable, they last forever, it’s perfect for masking, and it makes for a great small gift, too. I even use it in place of a shower cap when I’m not washing my hair, but not concerned with preserving a hairstyle.

15/10, couldn’t recommend it more!

Pink Terry Cloth Spa Headband for Skincare Application and Face Masks

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