Friday Finds: No. 167

Morning sunrise over Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach

Happy Friday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too?! I actually forgot about it, as they dyed the river green in Chicago last weekend, but realized this morning as I was already wearing my favorite green eye patches. So no pinching! 🤪

I’ve been in desperate need of some sunshine the last few weeks, so last Saturday I booked a last-minute flight to Florida this week. My friends moved to Miami last year and are renting a great two-bedroom condo with a wrap-around balcony overlooking the bay… File under things that definitely do not suck!! 🤪

It’s a short and sweet trip — just three days. I’ll already be back in Chicago by tomorrow morning, but it’s been such a rejuvenating 72 hours in warmer weather with plenty of sunshine. Apparently, it’s actually a bit of a ‘cold front’ here this week just being in the 70’s during the day and dropping to the 60’s at night, but it’s felt absolutely perfect to me.

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

xx jess

What I Read, Watched, & Listened to This Week

We started and finished Full Swing on Netflix! Dave isn’t a big golfer, nor does he usually like anything remotely ‘reality,’ but our friends recommended it and we both really enjoyed it! Especially for any ladies who have boyfriends/partners/husbands who are golf obsessed, I’d highly recommend watching it. It breaks down the PGA a bit, while also letting you get an inside look at a handful of the players. Dave and I both agreed that it makes you want to become a golf fan!

Kind of a relevant side note, but the NFL usually does a human interest story on a different player every Sunday, and without fail, I turn into their biggest fan. I live for a personal triumph story! So if that’s your speed, you’ll enjoy the show.

I also watched 2.5 of the 3 episodes of the MH370 documentary last weekend! I need to finish the last episode, but it’s so interesting. Interesting is probably the wrong word, as it’s beyond frustrating —CLEARLY at least one country’s government knows exactly what happened to that plane. But all of the different theories are absolutely engrossing.

What I Shopped & Browsed This Week

I’ve been digging deep into the NA (non-alcoholic) community for the last few weeks! It’s actually been fun to have a whole new world of drinks and beverages to explore. My favorite wine that I’ve tried so far is Noughty’s Rouge, which is a dealcoholized Syrah. It’s a UK brand, but I found it at Bendición Dry Bar in Chicago. If you’re not in Chicago, I shopped around online to find the best price. Buy it here!

Another cool part of NA drinks is that there aren’t weird liquor shipping laws! If you’re struggling to find anything local near you, I’ve been compiling an extensive Non-Alcoholic / Mocktails list on Amazon. I haven’t tried everything on the list, but plan to make my way through eventually!

I shared my go-to travel bag on Instagram stories this week — you can catch the video here if you missed it!

And on the guy’s side… Dave actually just got this travel backpack and loves it! Great for short trips and quick business travel.

Jocelyn from @GrandBabyCakes just released a cookbook this week! Everyday Grand: Soulful Recipes for Celebrating Life’s Big and Small Moments

I’m obsessed with this $265 rattan bag, but it keeps selling out everywhere! It’s the perfect size for everyday use this spring/summer. Finally found it in stock here.

You guys know I’m a sucker for all things lavender and lilac, and this sweatshirt is no exception. But IDK about you, but I can’t help but to sing the B-I-N-G-O song in my head whenever I see it. 🤪

Lululemon just released a bunch of new colors for their viral belt bag. The pastel blue (that almost looks like a purply periwinkle) is my fave.

I’ve been hearing really good things about this retinol eye balm! The best part is it’s only $18. If you’re ordedring directly, try my code at checkout to see if it’s still active! (JESSICASTURDY10) But if you’re already planning a Target pick-up, you can add it to your cart here. Also available on Amazon!

I love these cream on cream booties for spring… Totally waterproof, which is great for all of the rain and slush this time of year, but the lighter color seems so much more fresh for the season!

This WonderKnit fabric continues to be my all-time favorite for lounge and sleep! My most worn set of pajamas by a landslide.

Saie just launched a new foundation that I can’t wait to get my hands on! (And there are 36 shades, too! 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿) I’d bet I’m probably shade 3 or 6, but will probably wait until it’s in-store at Sephora to test. (Although Sephora does have a no-questions return policy so I could technically order, try both at home, and still return!)

What We Cooked Last Week

I was gone most of this week, and Dave was traveling for work most of last week. BUT he made two new recipes early in the week last week, so I was actually set with leftovers while he was gone. They happened to be MASSIVE portions that kept well — definitely recommend both!

One-Pot Chicken and Rice With Ginger — This was like Chinese takeout, but sooooo much better! So delish, definitely my favorite of the two recipes this week. In terms of leftovers, it’s the greens (chard) that will spoil before the rest does.

Slow-Cooker Dijon Chicken With Barley and Mushrooms — This had a really great flavor! We don’t have a crockpot, so we made it in a dutch oven on the stove and could have probably cooked it less. With ours, the chicken totally fell apart (almost like pulled chicken), which I actually liked, but Dave wished the chicken thighs were a bit chunkier.

Other Things of Note

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Photo Credit: This morning’s sunrise over Miami Beach!

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