2022 Greatest Hits

2022 Top Sellers from Bows & Sequins

As I mentioned earlier this week, January is always a time of reflection and planning for me. On the business side, it’s always helpful to go back and pull the data and to see what resonated best with all of you. These are the top sellers, what you loved and purchased the most. Turns out, you love a good Amazon find just as much as I do! These aren’t listed in order, but these items were the top sellers in terms of number of items sold. There were actually a couple of other things that made the list, ranking higher than some of these items shown, but they’re now completely sold out without a true comparable available item, so I left them off the list. A few of them being a Hearth & Hand with Magnolia candle, an affordable holiday hand soap & lotion set, and a pair of Time & Tru shorts.

2022 Top Sellers

Yunoga Leggings  |  I think this is the second year in a row the these leggings were one of the best sellers by a landslide! They’re truly the best leggings. I have them in four colors, but I believe they’re available in close to 30. They’re a bit like the Lululemon Align leggings, but with a bit more compression, which I personally love. Only $26! If you’re in between sizes, I’d recommended getting the smaller size, as I take a Small in these.

A New Day Sandals  |  This Bottega-Veneta inspired pair of slides is now sold out, but without fail, A New Day by Target always has at least one pair of sandals that I scoop up every summer. On trend, comfortable, and so affordable!

Gorilla Grips Grooming Gloves  |  These are miracle workers for brushing Marley and keeping her shedding at bay! The silicone grips seemingly feel like a massage for Marley, as she always lays down and relaxes. Makes it so easy to get SO. MUCH. HAIR. off of her!

IGK Good Behavior Spray  |  This spray changed my blow dry game! Spray it on before you blow-dry with a brush and it’s a mini 24-hr Keratin treatment.

Goody Spin Pins  |  I’ve loved these things forever, they’re the only way I know how to keep my hair in a little bun!

Amazon Ballet Flats  |  I bought these on a whim when I needed a pair of brown flats and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were! Under $20 and true to size, I took my regular 8.5.

Old Navy Jeans  |  I loved these jeans so much that I ordered a second pair! True to size. They look like rigid denim, but they have stretch so you can actually sit at your desk or in the car comfortably. Great color and they come with a raw hem.

Wellness Formula Supplement  |  This stuff is made of magic. I feel like I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years and I swear it’s because I take these daily to ward off colds. Whenever I have gotten sick, I pop these multiple times a day and it cuts my sickness time DRASTICALLY! They smell terrible, but the capsules make them a bit easier to swallow. My trick is with a flavored beverage of some sort!

Tiered Maxi Dress  |  The Amazon dress!! I couldn’t love this dress more. It’s flowy and billowy without being too much material. Way more flattering than a Nap Dress. I take a Medium! It has adjustable straps and pockets. I wash and dry mine and it’s held up so well! Comes in a bunch of colors. I have the Navy, but just ordered the black one for an upcoming trip.

Bottega-Inspired Woven Knot Bag  |  Such a favorite under $50! I have it in both black and baby blue, but want to order it in nude and white for upcoming vacations and spring/summer.

FRÉ Detox Mask  |  It’s a little spec at the bottom of the picture, but this mask was *the* number one seller of the past year! (I actually almost forgot it from this list because the data from these sales is in a different platform, whoops.) Because of how much YOU’VE purchased this mask, there are actually a lot of exciting things happening with FRÉ and me this year!! So thank you SO much, truly. As a reminder, you can always use my code BSS at checkout to save at least 15%!

Marine Layer Swim Trunks  |  It made me quite happy to see these rainbow swim trunks I got Dave made the list! They’re now sold out, but this pair and this pair are sort of similar.

Wine Away Spray  |  You know I’m obsessed with this stuff! I can’t tell you how many DMs I’ve gotten saying that this spray saved their marriage, along with their couch/chair/rug/etc. 🤪 Clothing, upholstery, carpet, you name it. It’s a miracle for red wine stains, but also works on blood, chocolate, and other hard-to-remove stains.

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