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After taking the last two years off from my annual holiday Gift Guides, I’m SO excited to launch this year’s series today! Like I always used to do, I’m starting with my personal wish list. I’ve heard from so many of you that my wish lists have helped you build your own lists to send to family and/or partners so hopefully that still holds true! If you’re anything like me, it’s always a “you don’t need to get me anything!” when a loved one asks what to get you for Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate!). It takes a minute to sit down, browse, and come up with some ideas. In any case, it’s always fun for me to build a dream world wish list! And while I browse, I always get inspired for the rest of the season’s gift guides. So get excited — I’ve got EIGHT tailored gift guides coming your way over the next week!

Jessica Sturdy's Blogger Gift Guide

1. Chanel Violet Wallet  |  2. Custom iPhone Case  |  3. Nike 2090 Sneakers  |  4. LV Bum Bag  |  5. G-Timeless Watch  |  6. Dior Sneakers  |  7. Instax 90 Camera  |  8. Sweater Headband  |  9. Pearl Strand Wool Fedora  |  10. D.S. & Durga Rose Atlantic  |  11. Speedy Bandouliére 25  |  12. 29mm G-Timeless Watch  |  13. Mid-Star Sneakers

  1. My current wallet is one I bought at Gucci when I was in Italy in the summer of 2016. It’s still in pretty great condition for using it daily, but after five and a half years, I’m itching for a change. This lilac Chanel color came out a year or two ago, but Fashionphile has a new one!
  2. How freaking chic is this monogrammed iPhone case?! File under NEED.
  3. I’m in desperate need of a new pair of walking shoes after my last pair of 2090s got ruined on the beach in California! They were already on their last leg, but when they were sand logged when I went to pack them in my suitcase, I decided it was best they stay on the West Coast. I couldn’t love the color of this new pair more!
  4. While bum bags (or fanny packs) seemed rather trendy a few years ago, they’ve almost become the new crossbody these days! Loveeee this classic LV style.
  5. Since I’ve retired my good ol’ Michael Kors watches, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice elevated watch before I can afford a Rolex. 😜 Middle ground between $100 and $10k shouldn’t be that hard, right?! haha Although Gucci is not at all known for their timepieces, they’re one of my favorite brands and they have some really great classic watch styles for women. This stainless steel style with the gold markers is pretty perfect IMO — makes mixing metals seamless.
  6. These sneakers might be the most over-the-top item on this list, but oooooomg are they chic!
  7. I may or may not have two other polaroid cameras, but I am enamored by the fact that this one gives you more control over the settings! There’s nothing I hate more than wasting a piece of film on a snapshot that the automatic camera didn’t capture properly.
  8. Love love love the mix of colors on this headband! Makes it so, so versatile.
  9. I rarely wear hats anymore (at what point do we stop blaming everything on the pandemic? haha), but the pearl detail on this wool hat is just so chic!
  10. I smelled this perfume at Jayson Home last week and OMG it’s absolutely divine.
  11. The puffy look definitely errs on the side of trendy (which is usually the opposite of what I look for in a designer bag — I want a classic style I’ll wear forever), but LORD do I love this bag!! Love how it gives a sport touch for everyday (considering I’m usually in leggings and sneakers) and I get starry-eyed for the mixing of all of the black and brown hues!
  12. I wear so much gold jewelry that this watch would be my next favorite! Love how slim and feminine it is.
  13. While I don’t technically need another pair of sneakers, I’ve already decided that my next pair of Golden Goose sneakers is going to be one of their Mid-Star styles. I’ve been searching for a cute style I like (that I can find in stock!) for at least a year and this pair and this pair are my front runners. I know these shoes are exorbitantly expensive, but they really are the best quality! I have a couple of pairs that I’ve absolutely worn into the ground (HUNDREDS of times each!) and they still look and feel great.

2021 Holiday Gift Guides

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If you’re ever in need of shopping and/or gifting assistance, I can help with that! You can find out more here. And if you need to reference back, you can always find all of my gift guides here!

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