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Best Hostess Gifts

With Thanksgiving next week and Friendsgiving gatherings already taking place, it’s safe to say the holiday party season has begun! No matter who’s hosting your upcoming cocktail parties, gift exchanges, or holiday events, you’ll find something for them on this list.

You can never go wrong with a nice bottle of wine, bourbon, or tequila — depending on their drink preferences. If you’re gifting a bottle of something, my friend Rach gave me a really cool tip — wrap the bottle in a tea towel (instead of a wine bag) and tie a ribbon around the bottle neck. You can even stick a spring of pine or rosemary in the bow! If you don’t know what your host likes to drink, you can’t go wrong with an elevated candle. I love gifting them with a cool matchbox (or little vial like this) for a little something extra!

I also really love gifting a coffee table book that’s within their interests, too. Or even a cool cookbook if they’re into that sort of thing!

Wine Away also makes for a wonderful hostess gift because you never know when it will come in handy! You could wrap a bottle in a cute tea towel with a bow.

I’d be remiss not to mention SIDEPEACE, too! I’ve heard from so many of my friends and customers that wearing your phone with a crossbody case while hosting is a game changer. Most of the time your dress or pants don’t have pockets and between buzzing people into the door or coordinating with deliveries and/or arrivals, it’s so nice to not be searching for your phone constantly.

1. Cocktail Syrups  |  2. Mercury Glass Tree Candle  |  3. Live Beautiful Coffee Table Book  |  4. Sel Magique Black Truffle Salt  |  5. Wine Chiller  |  6. Diptyque Candle  |  7. Laguiole Cheese Utensils  |  8. Checkered Candle  |  9. Blue Cyprus & Snow Candle  | 10. Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix

  1. Gris Gris Cocktail Magic Syrups in Basil Habanero & Jalapeno Hex  |  These sound DELICIOUS! If your host enjoys making cocktails at home with a kick, they’re sure to love these.
  2. I thought this Mercury Glass tree was such a fun spin on a candle! Doubles as decor when not in use.
  3. If you want to go the coffee table book route this one is on my personal wish list! Athena Calderon is one of my favorite follows on IG and her taste is impeccable.
  4. This black truffle salt is oh-so-fancy! If your host loves to cook and enjoys truffle, you can’t go wrong.
  5. I personally find ice buckets to be messy AF so this wine chiller sounds fab.
  6. Has anyone ever received a Diptyque candle and been disappointed? Pretty sure the answer is no. Just tie a pretty ribbon around the box and you’re good to go — no gift wrap necessary.
  7. The crème de la crème when it comes to cheese knives! Anyone who loves to host or entertain would be thrilled to add any of these utensils to their collection.
  8. This checkered candle looks like it could be a vase, doesn’t it?! Two gifts in one because they can clean it out once it’s done burning and use it as a small (but chic!) vase.
  9. A crisp, clean scent from Nest that’s a different spin on a traditional holiday candle.
  10. A bloody mary mix with fun packaging… What’s not to love?!

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