Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger 2017

Alright guys, here’s the deal… I’m going to do one post, and one post only about this year’s sale. Unlike years past, I will not be going in-store to do any of my brutally honest try-ons (2017, 2018, 2019). And I’m not going to order a bunch of sh*t to try on from the comfort of my home. If you’re looking for that, there’s roughly 10,000 other bloggers doing just that, so I trust you’ll be in good hands!

If you’re reading my blog, I assume you’ve been around for a while, and I know you trust my opinions. I figured I’d share a few different lists… Things I’ve Bought in Years Past (i.e. thing I still have, still wear, worth the investment, etc.), Great Deals on Trendy Pieces (i.e. things I would buy if I needed), Best of Beauty (only products I know, use, and love), and What I’m Personally Buying (hint: it’s not a lot).

Best of Beauty

I’ll start with Beauty because, in my opinion, it’s the only category that hasn’t gotten overly watered down since I started shopping this sale in 2009. This body wash is my absolute FAVORITE, the scent is to die for. It sort of smells like a vacation, but it’s sort of musty, too, so it’s a great unisex scent to have in the shower! They only sell this big size with the pump during the Anniversary Sale, truly. I searched high and low for it a few months ago when I was about to run out and kept coming up short. It’s not an everyday body wash for me, I really only use it when I’m getting ready to go somewhere so it feels more special. (It’s also kind of pricey, so I usually just stick to a cheaper one when I’m showering after a workout, before bed, etc.)

My next favorite body wash has to be this shower oil! Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s so, so good for the winter. The scent is cozy and I love how this comes in a jumbo size with a pump (all about a pump in the shower!) and an eco-friendly refill.

If you’ve followed any of my beauty posts or videos, you know that the only eyeshadow I really wear is Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in ‘RoseGold,‘ which is included in this trio. The other two colors look really pretty, and it’s basically Buy Two, Get One Free, as they’re normally $29 each.

I started using a new Dry Shampoo a few months ago, and I think it might be my new favorite spray formula. And the jumbo can is available in the sale! It never feels sticky, I love the scent, and the spray pressure is powerful, which gives my roots some lift.

I’ve raved about this Vitamin C product for years and years… In my opinion, it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to this anti-aging ingredient. It’s potent though, it may not be the best for sensitive skin! They’re normally $86 each, so you’re saving $52 if it’s a product that’s normally in your routine. You could always split it with one of your skincare-obsessed friends, too!

You know I swear by Supergoop sunscreen, and a few of my favorites are in beauty bundles… I love this setting mist to reapply SPF over makeup, and this everyday moisturizer is one of my longtime favorites.

I have and love the Diptyque Eau Rose perfume, and I love the idea of a hair mist in this duo!

I’m thinking about buying this Le Labo Jumbo Hand Soap, too! The primary reason being it matches my new decor, but their basil scent is fresh, and I think it would be a cute hostess gift, too. (I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot more small get togethers this winter instead of the usual holiday party circuit.)

Things I’ve Bought in Years Past

I have this Topshop faux leather moto jacket and the quality of mine is SO FAB, it looks like real leather and has held up for at least three years, maybe four. Still looks new!

I have this ribbed cashmere scarf in grey and this one in camel… Still have them and wear them years later!

I have a pair of these joggers and they’re wonderful!

My T3 Blow Dryer is still going strong! I’ve had it for 5+ years. I will probably invest in the Dyson next, but this one still gets the job done just fine, so it’s a worthy investment!

Great Deals on Trendy Pieces

If you’re in the mood to shop, I’m going to share my favorites from the sale this year! As always, most of them are coats. A couple of other fun pieces, too!

How freaking fun in this purple plaid coat?! If you caught my random IG story today, you now know that purple and green are my favorite colors, so I can’t get enough of this brushed beauty.

Teddy coats are back… Thank goodness! I love love love this neutral checked teddyย and oooooobsessed with this oversized camel teddy.

These faux leather shorts are fun for fall!

If you don’t have a coin pendant yet, I love this one from Gorjana. I have multiple Gorjana pieces in my jewelry box, and it’s great quality for the inexpensive price.

I would need to see this in person to fully recommend, but the cream color looks like it could be a nice neutral piece!

Home Favorites

They’re not in the budget, but I’m in love this rose gold Smeg Electric Kettle, and this toaster, too!

Kind of digging this leopard shower curtain, love how neutral it is!

Gardenia is one of my favorite home scents, and this is called the unicorn candle, so basically it’s perfect.

Also, if you don’t have an aromatherapy diffuser, love this neutral one!

What I’m Personally Buying

As I mentioned above, I’m buying two big bottles of this body wash, and one set of this shower oil! I’ve also got these pillowcases in my cart… I know they make such a difference with hair breakage and wrinkles, and since I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, I feel like it’s probably time to invest in a set.


I also have these bralettes in my cart! All about comfort these days… Can’t be bothered with real bras.

And I love this green and white tie dye sweatshirt! Do I need it? Probably not, but it’s in my cart.


LOL, looking back at this post… It’s like CAN YA TELL IT’S 2020? Soap and pajamas, people.

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