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Jessica Sturdy shares her favorite rose-scented perfumes and fragrances: Miller Harris Rose Silence, Le Labo Rose 31, Chloe Roses, Diptyque Eau Rose, and Aerin Garden Rose.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I *always* get asked about the perfume I’m wearing. (Side note: I went through a phase where I was like “Am I wearing way too much perfume?!” because literally everyone comments on it.) But after talking it out with a girlfriend, she was like, “No, I think it’s because it honestly smells orgasmic.” So there ya have it! 😂

I never really had a nose for notes until my first job in NYC, where I worked on a handful of celebrity fragrances. I handled the social media, but we worked in such a small office so I was able to be a part of a lot of product testing and development! I became so fascinated with scents — how they mix together, how they smell on different people once they mix with your skin’s natural oils, how they influence your mood, how long they last, etc.

My #1, all-time favorite scent is Rose Silence by Miller Harris. Unfortunately, you can’t really find it in the US and they don’t ship to the US… I literally buy 3 bottles whenever I’m in London. (Update: I just found it on Amazon and!)

It smells HEAVENLY! (Or orgasmic, if you will, haha.) It’s the perfect mix of floral with a hint of patchouli and I’m obsessed. I’ve always been a fan of anything rose or patchouli-scented so when I found this fragrance that combines the two, I was instantly in love! It’s my go-to for every day, both daytime and nighttime. It’s so, SO GOOD.

I believe the shop girl told me that Rose Silence (pronounced sill-onz) is Miller Harris’ best seller and I have no doubts… It’s always what they recommend for guys buying gifts because everyone loves it.

As I mentioned, rose is my favorite scent to wear so all of these fragrances are rose-based. Here are the others that I’ve got on my bathroom vanity…

Le Labo ‘Rose 31’  |  Similarly to Rose Silence, Rose 31 is another perfect blend of rose and musk. (Are you sensing a pattern here?! 😂) This one, however, is much more musky. I tend to only wear it at night when I feel like switching it up! It’s super sexy. You can find it in a whole slew of fragrances, lotions, soaps, etc!

Diptyque ‘Eau Rose’  |  Before I found Rose Silence in 2016, this was my everyday go-to! It’s much lighter and more floral… It truly smells like a fresh rose. I wear it when I want something a bit more fresh during the day. (It’s perfect for spring!) And it also comes in various body products!

Aerin ‘Garden Rose’  |  I first fell in love with this scent when I picked up the rollerball version. I had it in my travel toiletry bag for months and absolutely loved wearing it when I was way from home. I finally broke down and bought the big bottle when I finished my rollerball because I was sad to see it go. It’s probably the sweetest out of these five so I wear it occasionally when I want to switch it up and am in the mood for something sweeter. Since the bottle is massive, I actually spritz it in my bathroom when I’m taking a bath or need a little extra pep in my step when I’m getting ready. It’s lovely! (PS: Aerin’s Rose de Grasse also smells phenom, but I don’t own a bottle of it.)

Chloé ‘Roses de Chloe’  |  This fragrance is my OG rose scent… I think it’s actually the one that got me hooked on wearing rose back in the day. It’s probably the freshest scent of the bunch! And while I wear it the least out of these five, it still smells wonderful. I had to include because I’ve kept it for so long!


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  1. 4.10.18
    Rena said:

    Thanks for this post as I always find it so difficult to find the right fragrances. Recently, I even ordered my scent through Amazon reviews 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. 4.10.18
    Allie said:

    Rose scents have always been my favorite too – they smell so lovely and romantic. Also, they always make me feel old school hollywood. I hope you have a wonderful day! xAllie

  3. 4.15.18
    Mila said:

    What about staying power? I often find lovely fragrances, but most have little staying power…Le Labo for me is one of the rare ones that stands the test of time!

    • 4.18.18
      Jessica said:

      All of these stay well for me! In general, though, I’ve found that the longevity totally depends on how the fragrance blends with your skin!