Chicago blogger Jessica Sturdy jumping in front of the skyline wearing a pink Barbie-inspired Biden Harris 2020 sweatshirt with Lululemon Leggings and black Adidas Ultraboosts.

Today is National Voter Registration Day! There are exactly 42 days until this year’s Presidential Election on November 3rd, which means there’s not a whole lot of time to waste. With all of the extra precautions because of COVID-19 (longer lines and wait times on Election Day), I’m VOTING EARLY and urging everyone to do the same. Even if you’re mailing in your ballot, DO IT EARLY. I don’t think we can stress this enough this year! With all of the fuss over mail-in ballots this year, I’m personally choosing to vote in person. For whatever reason, it just feels more official, and I feel confident that I can stay safe while doing so.

In Illinois, early voting begins this Thursday, September 24th. In many other states (Alabama, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming) you can already vote early or via in-person absentee. (@IAmAVoter is a great resource to follow on Instagram!) Mail-in ballots also start getting sent this week, so be sure to get your requests in if that’s how you’re choosing to vote.

You can text VOTER to 26797 to make sure you are registered to vote and to receive all important election information. Even if you’re already registered, you can still text VOTER to 26797 to see if you’re able to vote early or vote by mail and request your mail-in ballot. And if you’re not registered or need to update your name or address, they’ll text you the links to do so. It truly could not be easier! (So do it right now, just to double-check and be safe.)

If texting isn’t your thing, use this link to easily check your voter registration status!ย Only takes 30 seconds. However, I will say, the texting method provides you with more details and resources.

And if you want to help spread the word about how important it is for everyone to exercise their right to vote, I’ve found some really cute items you can wear to remind those you see to do so! Personally, that’s all I want to wear for the next six weeks. My friend, Jess, designed the cutest tee with a local Chicago boutique, Alice + Wonder, that I just ordered, and I’ve been sporting my Barbie-inspired sweatshirt since it came in the mail a few days ago. I picked up this pair of masks, too, just to really hammer home the point!

I’ve found a few things for the whole family!

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  1. 9.22.20
    Sara said:

    Love this post and love to see you voting Biden/Harris!!

  2. 9.23.20
    Dominique said:

    I’ll be voting for Trump!

    • 9.23.20
      Jessica said:

      Would love to hear why…