Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 32

Bows & Sequin's shares her in-depth Travel Guide for Italy's Amalfi Coast! Positano, Ravello, Capri, and more. Restaurant, hotel, and shopping recommendations, plus a curated map and five day-in-the-life videos from the trip! This photo was taken at Arienzo Beach Club in Positano.

Happy Friday! I seriously cannot believe we’re a week into August. Someone referred to the summer as “winding down” in a text earlier this week and I almost shed a tear. I was telling a friend the other day… Being softly quarantined has been manageable this summer, but I get really freaked out thinking about this winter. I hate the cold and winter months pretty bad when life was ‘normal,’ so I’m really dreading the shorter days and lack of outdoor time. Gone will be the days of patios and porches and rooftops… 🙃 Sorry, that got depressing quickly. But seriously, as August creeps on, I’m kind of starting to feel that Summertime Sadness I normally feel, but magnified x 1000. I truly can’t imagine how all of you with kiddos at home feel. Sending you lots of love!

On a brighter note… What I would give to be back on this beach in Italy!

Here are some of my favorite finds from the last few weeks…

Digging Yourself Out of a Pile of Sad  |  This first paragraph though! Exact same five personalities over here. But I love Grace’s vulnerability and her constructive tips, a lot of which I keep in my back pocket for sad times, too!

I’ve been listening to so much DeeTour lately! If you’re an entrepreneur or have a business of your own, listening to this podcast is the perfect way to pump up the inspiration. It doesn’t make me feel stressed about my business, but it’s almost like a motivational pep-talk that’s packed with a ton of information on a certain topic! They’re all ~15 minutes, so I listen to most of them twice to really soak it all in.

A few tips for using Instagram’s new Reels feature.

If you didn’t see Jeff Bezos’ address to the House, you can read it right here. It was pretty incredible!

I want to buy this $54 set in every color. It looks SO cozy and perfect.

How freaking gorgeous are these plates Alicia Lund collaborated on with Alex Marshall Studios?! I’m in love.

If you’re into astrology, you will LOOOVE this podcast episode. I listened to it twice like a total nerd.

4 Ways to Feel a Bit Better

I learned about DCI Lifestyle this week, which is a really cool black-owned (and designed) leather goods brand out of California!

One of my friends sent me this NY Times article this morning and I loved it… A must-read if you’re single, but I think worth reading if you’re married, too.

Kelly’s laundry room looks so good!

But can we talk about Julia’s Living Room?! SO GOOD!!

I’m dying for a pair of these bands! My arms are always what I fixate on in photos of myself and I want to just start wearing these around the house to try to tone up.

Speaking of working out, Bandier launched a collab with LoveShackFancy this week and it’s amazeeee.

I’m in desperateeee need for a new pair of running shoes, but I’m acting like I’m committing to marriage picking out a pair. Thinking I’ll probably get another pair of these since I loved them and wore them to the ground, but I’ve also heard great things about this style. TBH, I probably need both since one pair is more running/walking and the other is HIIT, and that’s what my workouts consist of these days.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but a few weeks ago I was looking into the Oura ring, and Lauren was just telling me about her Whoop band when we were on the phone last week. I was a BIG Jawbone Up band girl back in the day… Like, obsessed with it. I even bought them for my parents for Christmas one year. Unfortunately I think the company went out of business because of tech issues, so I haven’t really used a tracker since ~2015ish. Would love your thoughts if you’ve tried either of these products!

How fun are these animal print Sperrys? The sparkly version for kids is super cute, too! Also love love love this muted rainbow stripe pair (for adults).

Also, this is SO RANDOM, but I just recently found out about GoodRx and it’s pretty great. This feels like one of those things I’m probably wayyy late to the game on, but it’s an app that allows you to check the price of your prescriptions at surrounding pharmacies. I actually had no idea that prescriptions were different prices at different pharmacies, but apparently the cost varies pretty dramatically! So if you know anyone that’s lost their health insurance throughout the pandemic, make sure you tell them about this app. It’s free, and you can basically get discounts on prescriptions that make them as low (or lower) than insurance.

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