Your Favorite Products of 2023

Bows & Sequins blog shares their reader's favorite products from the year. A list of best sellers from Amazon, Target, and more.

One of my favorite year-end admin tasks is pulling the numbers and looking back at what your favorite products were. The Bows & Sequins Greatest Hits, if you will. This year, the number one and number two products were neck and neck, but one of our long-time favorites clinched the #1 spot! Here’s a look at the 2023 Best Sellers…

2023 Best Sellers

1. FRร‰ Detox Me Mask: For a second year in a row, this detox mask was the #1 best seller! I have an entire blog post dedicated to it, but it’s a tried-and-true hit for every skin type. It’s gentle and hydrating enough for sensitive skin, but still absolutely effective at brightening your complexion and restoring your glow. As a reminder, you can always use my code ‘BSS‘ to save at least 15% — no matter if it’s your first order or fiftieth.

2. Universal Thread Persephone Sneakers: The fact that these sneakers from Target almost beat our favorite beauty product says A LOT! They’re so cute, under $50, and super comfortable, too. (Not to mention, they look just like these designer sneaks!) They actually just released a new light blue pair that is perfect for winter wear, but also spring/summer. FYI: These shoes tend to sell out fast, so grab them now if you want them! (They run TTS.)

3. YETI Colster: This made the list because of Amazon’s insanely great Prime Day deal on these! They were 50% off for one day only and you all STOCKED UP. These are perfect for summer to keep your drinks cold, but also for winter to keep your hands warm. Great for tailgating! I use mine as a little cooler of sorts in my bag, too. When I’m taking a cold brew or Celsius with me to drink later in the day, it keeps the can cold, but also keeps it from sweating all over the contents of my purse.

4. Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover: This is the second year in a row a pet hair-removing tool has made this list, so I know you all feel the exact same struggle! Last year it was gloves, but this year it was one of my favorite new discoveries: the Chom Chom Roller. I use this on bedding, furniture, rugs, clothes, you name it. It’s WILD how much hair (and lint and dust) that it picks up!

5. Amazon Running Shorts: I did a little haul on Instagram stories this summer to find the best athletic shorts and these were the winners. I’m not normally an athletic shorts gal because I don’t like the fit on my body type, but I was determined to find a pair for walking Marley this summer. While I think all shorts are going to ride up a bit if you’ve got thighs or a booty, these rode up the least.

6. IGK Good Behavior Spray: This blowout spray made the list last year, too! It’s a must for me to tame my frizzy hair. I spray it on my damp hair before blowing it dry with a round brush. It’s like a 24-hour keratin treatment in a can. The best!

7. Old Navy Skirts: I grouped these together because they deserve their spot on this list, but unfortunately, most of them have been long sold out! We all had a field day with these Old Navy skirts… Midi satin slip skirt (still in stock!), denim midi, sequin maxi, and the plaid mini.

8. Baseball 100 Book: This book has been on both my 2022 and 2023 Men’s Gift Guides because it was loved by both Dave and his dad.

9. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Leggings: These ‘spacedye’ leggings are THE SOFTEST leggings you’ll ever wear. They’re SO COZY! I have them in multiple colors and can’t wait to grab them in a few more. I love how they’re a thicker material that doesn’t show moisture or sweat like thinner leggings do. Perfect for the wintertime! But maybe the best feature of these leggings is how they’re so low maintenance — you can wash AND DRY them. The brand is very size inclusive with sizes running from XXS-4X! They run TTS for me — I take a Medium.

10. Abercrombie Pearl-Button Cardigan: I was kind of shocked to see this cardigan on the list, as I just got it in December! But it’s been an instant favorite for both me and you all. I have the Light Grey in Medium and I’m tempted to grab it in one or two other colors since it’s on sale for under $50. It’s so soft (not itchy!) and even Dave commented that he thought it was cute the first time I wore it. (Although, he’s probably sick of it at this point considering I’ve worn it close to ten times in the last month. 🤪) It’s worth noting that it looks very cropped on the model on the website, but I don’t find it to be that cropped on me. Granted, I do have a short torso, but I’m still able to tuck it into my pants.

11. Yunoga Leggings: I added an 11th item on here because these $26 leggings have been a favorite for the last few years! I rarely feature them, but somehow they’re always on the list of your favorite products. They’re that good! I have at least four or five pairs that are in constant rotation. I wash and dry them and they hold up so well. They’re not see-through at all, don’t worry. They’re sort of like the Lululemon Align leggings in the fact that they’re very soft, but they have a bit more compression, which I personally prefer. These $26 leggings are available in 39 colors and prints and sizes XS-XL. I realize it’s a bummer they’re not more size-inclusive, but they do run a little bit big. If you’re in between sizes, I’d size down. I take a Small and usually wear a 6/8 at Lululemon.

If you’re looking to switch it up, I also have a few pairs of their bike shorts for summer wear. I haven’t tried their flare leggings yet, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to ease into that trend, this pair is probably your best bet!

I’d love to know if any of your favorite B&S products didn’t make the list! Let me know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. 1.19.24
    mml said:

    the yunoga leggings are the ONLY leggings i will buy anymore. being able to wash/dry freely and know that they will stand the test of time is soooo nice. i reach for these instead of my lululemon leggings every day – whether it comes to lounging or working out they are the best