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Happy Prime Day, friends! Shopping on Amazon has become one of my primary hobbies in the last few years and there aren’t many things I love more than finding a good deal. So man-oh-man do I get excited for Prime Day! It’s Amazon’s biggest sale of the year that runs for two days (July 11-12) and it’s like Christmas in July.

A lot of deals will only be running today, some deals will only be running tomorrow, and some will be running the whole time. Some are lightning deals and only available for a short time, too! It’s always a bit fluid so my suggestion is to just go ahead and check out to make sure you’re able to snag the sale price. Some of the bigger ticket items (like electronics) usually sell out pretty quickly. This isn’t the type of sale to just let products sit in your cart while you decide for a few days! Plus, returns are easy AF with Amazon.

I’ll be keeping this blog post updated with everything, so be sure to check back later today and again tomorrow! I’ll also be sharing on my Instagram Stories and sending a daily email to my email subscribers.

My Amazon Storefront is up to date if you want to browse around there, but in this blog post, I’m going to break the deals down into a few different categories so you can easily shop for what you need and simply scroll by what doesn’t interest you! I’m sharing what’s on my shopping list, what I purchased last year and would recommend, and then breaking down my favorite Prime Day products and the best deals into three categories: Beauty, Home, and Fashion. Dare I say BEAUTY is the best category this year?!

What’s on My Prime Day Shopping List

I’ve wanted a GE Peppble Ice Maker for the last few years, but now that we have a serious cooler game on the roof, Dave has also been interested in getting some type of ice maker. Sadly, that pebble ice maker is not included this year (this model is though!) so I’m going to explore our options, as he would definitely prefer one that makes bigger cubes. Mark my words, he will somehow find space in our home for this commercial-grade ice maker that’s on sale. Stay tuned!

I was going a little nuts adding things to my cart because it seems like every single thing I use regularly or have wanted to try is currently on sale. So instead of buying literally everything, I had to give myself a rule that the savings had to be 30% or more for me to checkout.

I bought a pack of these briefs to sleep in. I’ve been wanting to try this R+Co Pomade Stick for when I put my hair in a low bun and it’s 30% off so I snagged it, too.

A few more things I bought on sale… This sampler pack of mocktails, a Yunoga sports bra I’ve been wanting to try, another pair of my favorite-ever leggings (under $20!!!), these teeth whitening strips, the new SUGAR-FREE LiquidIV to try, a bottle of Lumify, this book about J.Crew, a new tube of RevitaBrow, this tennis dress in green, these socks, and these eye patches.

And then today, I did place another order because I saw Celcius was on sale. 30% and I drink one every day, so I justified it. I also grabbed one of these eyeshadow sticks for $13.

I am planning to re-stock some of my favorite beauty products that are on major sale (30% or more!), see the list below!

The only big-ticket thing I’ve got on my radar is this projector… We’re trying to find something for our rooftop that would allow us to stream concerts, sports games, and movies so I need to find some time to dig and learn more about it. (Obviously, we would also need some sort of portable screen, too.) If you have any recommendations, we are ALL EARS!!

The brand also makes this outdoor projector that’s a bit less expensive and this even more high-tech projector that are both having a Prime Deal, too.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Amazon Beauty

Brandefy Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum: 30% off | If you haven’t yet tried this SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic dupe, you absolutely have to add it to your cart. I’ve been testing it out for the last six weeks and am planning to do a blog post later this month, but it’s basically the exact same thing for a fourth of the cost. With the Prime Day deal, it’s currently only $34, making it a mere 18% of the cost of a bottle of the SkinCeuticals formula.

FRÉ Skincare: 35% off | I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys that FRÉ is now sold on Amazon because you can always use my code (BSS) to shop on their website and save big. But ALL OF FRÉ is 35% off on Amazon today, no code needed! Here are my favorite products that I use every single week, if not daily… Detox Me Mask, Purify Me Cleanser, Revive Me Firming Serum, Recover Me Night Cream, and Protect Me Facial Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products: 30% off | It’s the era of eyebrows and Anastasia is the reigning product queen! I’ve long been obsessed with her Brow Definer (I wear Blonde), and I still love it, but my latest obsession is the Brow Powder Duo (I have Medium Brown) with this brush. I’ll share a video on my IG Stories today! I finish with a swipe of clear brow gel when I’m finished. I’ve been wanting to try Brow Freeze, but I feel like I need a tutorial so I’ll probably wait until a Sephora trip.

LUMIFY EYE DROPS: 30% off | I think we all know how I feel about these eye drops at this point. 100% must-have! I have them in every bag, in the car, etc.

IGK Good Behavior Blowout Spray: 30% off | I can’t blow dry my hair without this! It’s like a Keratin treatment in a can. A light mist of this on damp hair before you blowdry and it’s like you’ve flatironed your hair. And it really helps block the frizz and humidity, too! It’s a must-have product for me. If you have frizzy or color-treated hair, I know you will love it. My hair salon swears by it, that’s how I got hooked!

IGK Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray: 30% off | Another favorite that I use every time I wash my hair! If I’m blow-drying after, I just use a few spritzes as a detangler before I comb my wet hair. If I’m letting my hair air dry, I apply this spray LIBERALLY and I STG it’s the only thing that makes my frizzy hair air dry somewhat normally. I’ve tried every ‘air dry’ product on the market, but this is what works for me!

RevitaBrow Growth Serum: 30% off | I’ve used this eyebrow growth serum for YEARS! My gal Cheryl recommended it back in 2015. It’s the best! I use it for those pesky spots that don’t want to grow back. Over the years, we’ve realized that I kind of pick at my eyebrows when I’m concentrating at my desk, so this is always helping them grow back. #WhyAmILikeThis It’s pricey AF and I rarely ever see it on sale, so ordering another at 30% off is a no-brainer.

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening + De-Puffing Eye Cream: 32% off | This is one of my faves! I just ordered my second bottle. It’s great on its own, but it’s such a nice base under makeup and concealer, too. I actually find that I need less undereye concealer when I have it on!

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil: 30% off | I used to mainly only use this in the winter, but it’s become a year-round staple in our shower. I love it so much! The smell is divine and it makes your skin so soft.

Malin + Goetz Rum Body Wash: 30% off | Forever my favorite body wash scent! I knew Dave was a keeper when I saw that this was the body wash he had in his shower when we met. It’s the perfect unisex scent!

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream: 20% off | You rarely see this on sale unless it’s the Sephora sale! It’s the best body cream, period. The original scent (orange tub) is so dreamy, I get compliments every time I wear it. Dave loves it, too. It’s great for year round, but I’ve been absolutely loving the Beija Flor (light pink) jar for spring and summer since it’s a little bit of a lighter, more floraly scent. I get compliments on it, too!

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer: 30% | The jumbo size of this primer is marked down $22! I’ve used it before and really liked it and my primer literally just ran out last week. Perfect timing.

VERB Ghost Shampoo + Conditioner: 30% off | This stuff is great for smoothing frizzy hair without weighing it down! One of my all-time favorite shampoos/conditioners.

Speaking of shampoos and conditioners, I also loveee Redken All Soft. On sale for Prime Day, too! My favorite Ouai Detox Shampoo is 20% off. I use it once a week!

For any of my blonde gals, I put a dollop of this moisture cream on my ends after blowdrying and/or curling! I’ve used it for years and you use such a tiny amount that a bottle lasts you forever. 30% off!

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Amazon Home

Bissell Little Green Pet Deluxe Steamer: 30% off | I bought this steamer a few months ago and couldn’t love it more!! Marley is officially in her leaky era 😅 and I’m determined to not let our home smell like it. Works wonders on rugs and upholstery! (And ALL messes, not just pet messes. May or may not have spilled my coffee all over the living room yesterday morning 🤪)

I added a BUNCH of decorative items to my Prime Day list on Amazon! Check them all out visually here, or use these links… Gold Bamboo Picture Frames (I ordered these!), Vase with Caning, Antique Gold Clock, NEST Fragrances Rattan Diffuser, 14″ Terracotta Urn, Black & White Vase, Stoneware Taper Candle Holders, Mango Wood & Marble Bottle Holder, Black Marble Circle Chain, Gold Branch Picture Frame

If you have a dog, you MUST get the ChomChom!! It’s marked down 37%. Best $20 you’ll spend!

But the amount of intrigued I am by these pet grooming devices… They look to be like a brush with suction technology! 🤯

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: 30% off | You can never find these for less than $1 a pad. Stocking up!

We recently switched to Blueland for laundry (no plastic!!) and both the Detergent Tablets and Oxi Booster are both marked down 20%.

It was a Lightning Deal on Tuesday, but I grabbed a new box of my favorite Affresh washing machine cleaner and got a pack of their Dishwasher Cleaner to try out, too.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: Amazon Fashion

I’ll share a few favorites below, but I’d highly recommend looking through this list that I curated on Amazon so you can see all of the fashion finds visually!! Tons of tops, sandals, jewelry, dresses, and more.

If you don’t already have the luxury-looking teardrop earrings, you need to scoop them up today!!

The Drop Tiered Dress: 30% off | I have this dress in black, navy, and also pink. It’s so breezy and comfortable to wear on HOT summer days. It’s a lot of fabric, but somehow lays nicely to not make it look like you’re wearing a tent. It’s sort of billowy when you walk, in the best way possible. Easy to dress up or down and there are 18 colors/patterns to choose from. Highly recommend! I take a Medium.

The Drop Long Blazer: 30% off | Long blazers have become a wardrobe staple for me, as it’s one of the few things that feels on-trend and cool, yet totally up my alley at the same time. Most of mine are dark colors and winter weights, so I just grabbed this one in white. It’s available in 10 colors though!

Cap-Toe Slingback Flats: 32% off | If you’re working in an office, these flats couldn’t be more chic! I have the heeled version (not on sale) and I find them really comfortable and true to size.

The Drop Strappy Heels: 30% off | I’ve heard nothing but great things about these heels and they come in almost 40 different colors/embellishments. Find a pair to match your next event dress and take your look to the next level!

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals: SHOPBOP

Now that Shopbop is an Amazon company, they participate in the Prime Day deals so there are ENDLESS great deals when it comes to fashion. Shopbop’s Prime Day kicks off *tomorrow,* but you can preview the products here! Rest assured, I’ve already gone through the 13,000 items and picked out my favorites. Stay tuned tomorrow, it’s going to be good!

My Favorite Prime Day Buys Last Year

Last year, we bought SO MUCH stuff for our rooftop (umbrella, stand, table) that we still use and love, but those pieces aren’t part of the Prime Day deals today. However, we bought these sun loungers last year and could not be more pleased with them!! We left them outside on our rooftop (uncovered!) all winter long, and they still look brand new. They’re super lightweight and easy to move around our rooftop, too. Couldn’t recommend them more! Sadly, they were FIFTY PERCENT off yesterday, but are only 17% off today.

Current Faves

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