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Cute Valentine's Day Gifts

I’m not really a big Valentine’s Day person, but I love pink, rose is my middle name and favorite scent, and I generally just feel like it’s a fun thing to brighten up an otherwise uneventful winter month. Even when I was single for a decade, it was fun to celebrate Galentine’s Day with girlfriends!

1. Heart Lace Socks  |  2. Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Candle  |  3. Primo Classic Ride-On Scooter  |  4. Rainbow Hearts Onesie  |  5. Chappy Wrap Herringbone Blanket  |  6. Lip-Print Women’s Boxers  |  7. Rose Printed Sleep Dress  |  8. Kate Spade Old Fashioned Glasses  |  9. Heart Pajamas  |  10. Madewell Sneakers  |  11. Heart Ring  |  12. J.Crew Candle  |  13. Love Socks  |  14. Heart Striped Dog Sweater

Now that a lot of my friends have kiddos, I put a couple of kids Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the collage, too! I  had a major dose of nostalgia a few weeks ago when I was in my hometown… My niece was talking about the Valentine’s she was giving out in her class and it took me back! I hadn’t thought about school Valentine’s in ages, but remembered how much I loved giving those out each year.

While these are mainly just some cute products to show yourself some love, I did a gift guide for both her and him last year!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

And Dave, if you’re reading this, you already got me Bombas! But if you truly can’t help yourself, I wouldn’t be upset about the candle in the collage above (#2) or these pajamas (Medium).

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