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Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, and Sister

Happy Monday, friends! I can’t believe by this time next week February will have already arrived. I think Valentine’s Day can be a bit over the top, especially for those who are single, but I’m all about spreading the love and I’ll admit that the holiday is a great excuse to do so. With this winter seeming a little more daunting than years passed, I’m embracing all of the little luxuries and sweet surprises to brighten my spirits, as well as those of my loved ones. Whether you’re picking out a little something for any of your best girls, grabbing a gift for your mom or sister, or even just treating yourself to something fun, here are some of my favorites gifts to give and get right now. Here’s to feeling the love!

1. Pack of Hipster Briefs  |  2. Multi-Colored Sneakers  |  3. Diptyque Candle  |  4. Velvet Bow Slippers  |  5. Red Beaded Earrings  |  6. Short-Sleeve Pajamas  |  7. Long-Sleeved Pajamas  |  8. Love is Love Sweater  |  9. Faux Fur Blanket  |  10. White + Pink Mask

Every year around this time, Diptyque releases a new limited-edition candle. It’s always a rose-based fragrance (my fave!) and always in a pretty, limited edition jar. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it makes for the perfect gift!

To know me is to know that I love all things rainbow, and these rainbow pajamas make my heart skip a beat! They come in a short-sleeve set, as well as a long-sleeve set, and this other brand that’s also a favorite of mine makes a similar pair with bigger hearts. So cute!

Here are a few more heart pajama and lounge sets that I love…

And a few things for the littles, too…


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