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Side Peace Sale $22 for February 2022 2/2/22 2/22/22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling ’22!

It’s officially the second month of 2022 and that feels like something special to celebrate! Our woo woo friends will tell us 222 is a sign of balance and harmony, and a reminder to be positive.

So I want to send out those positive vibes all month long! All SIDEPEACE cases are currently marked down to $22 or are $22 off. 55% off?! Can’t beat that!

Scoot to it, this offer is valid while supplies last. 💕

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to get familiar with SIDEPEACE, this post can give you the full rundown! For a shorter intro… The SIDEPEACE is meant to be one of your go-to iPhone cases to help make life a little bit more convenient! It was designed so you can enjoy more moments without your phone in your hand and have more peace of mind when it’s not.


Longtime lifestyle blogger Bows & Sequins launches her own product called the SIDEPEACE.

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