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We have not had a single flurry of snow accumulation this year so winter boots haven’t really been top of mind. But I’m hoping for some snow on our winter road trip in a few weeks so I’ve been searching for some sleek snow boots and thought I’d share what I’ve found!

I got the boots above back in October and haven’t yet had the chance to wear! Need to pick up some suede protector before I wear them out in the snow, though.

But before I get into my favorite winter boots, I wanted to let you know that today is the last day of Marc Fisher‘s epic sale! You can save up to 25% off your purchase (discount automatically applied at checkout!) and you can even layer it with my discount code (LTD2163) for an extra 20% off. Cannot get over how great of a deal that is!! Perfect time to pick up new holiday pumps or sandals for vacay, too.

Almost every pair of boots in my closet is from Marc Fisher! And it’s because they last. They’re truly designer quality at more attainable price points. And the sizing is always consistent… I’m a true 8.5 and their 8.5 always fits, from sandals to booties. I can’t recommend them enough!

But now onto winter boots… It can be a challenge to find a pair where waterproof and cute are synonymous, but I think I found a bunch that fit the bill! Sorel is always my go-to brand for boots you don’t have to worry about wearing in the slush and snow. Or if you’re looking to splurge, La Montelliana always has the chicest boots. Click through the slideshow below for all of my favorite pairs at a variety of price points and styles!

  1. I just bought these boots two days ago and they’re already out for delivery! Couldn’t pass up the price tag, and they’re going to match one of my coats perfectly.
  2. You might recognize these sneaker-like boots from my road trip last winter! I bought them in black because this gorgeous tan color was sold out, but thankfully they brought them back again this year. They were perfect for walking around the snow and ice in the city, too!
  3. This is a similar style that I’m majorly crushing on this year! A little bit cheaper and I love the fuzzy back.
  4. THESE THOUGH! 😍 I think they’re at the top of my wish list. I like how they’re a bit taller over the ankle and I’m always a sucker for a pair of red laces.
  5. I also really love the slip-on style of these. So chic!
  6. This pair from UGG kind of combines all of the things I like about the last few Sorel pairs.
  7. If you want a heavier duty pair that’s fully waterproof for hikes, I love these.
  8. This pair from Old Navy looks just like Inuikii! (For just a tenth of the price.)
  9. Same pair as #3, but a chic white color.
  10. How fun is this fuzzy pair?! Don’t forget to use my code LTD2163.
  11. Another great sportier pair!
  12. I like the grey wool vibe with the same style of.
  13. OBSESSED with the teddy version of these! Major need.
  14. Cute, cozy, and functional with this pair from J.Crew!
  15. Love this waterproof pair from Marc Fisher.
  16. Another waterproof pair with a slightly less sporty vibe. Also available in black!
  17. I love the tri-tone look of this style!
  18. These are so cute and cozy, too.
  19. They grey version of #3 & #9!
  20. These zip-up booties are so fun… Almost like the Balenciaga sneakers in warm boot form! Easy to get on and off and great for going to-and-from workout classes or the gym.
  21. Also love the moon boot vibe of this lace-up pair!
  22. The color is amazing, but I love how easy these are to slip on with the zipper!
  23. Cute and classic with fun red laces.
  24. Love these with the slight wedge!
  25. These also have a slight wedge, but are completely waterproof! Available in three colors, too.

  1. Cute, classic, and water-resistant. Check, check, check!
  2. I love the patent look of these (they’re waterproof!) and how they mix brown and black. Wear them with anything!
  3. How fun is this pink color?!
  4. Also available in black!
  5. And olive green.
  6. These are on sale and I think they are SO cool!
  7. I LOVE these boots! So great for winter outfits.
  8. Also available in grey.
  9. And black leather!
  10. A similar style in brown leather! The chunky lugsole is fun.
  11. Can you believe these are waterproof?! I’m obsessed! *adds to cart*
  12. A sportier version of the Sorel pair I have!
  13. A shorter version of #12 above.
  14. A different colorway of #17 above.
  15. These are necessarily *winter* boots, but I like them so much I had to include.
  16. These are a bit more out there, but they’re fun. This silhouette is very on-trend right now!
  17. The black version of #16 in the first slideshow!
  18. Can you believe these are Old Navy?! $38!!
  19. The boots I’m holding in the first pic! Don’t forget my code LTD2163 for an extra 20% off.
  20. I have these and absolutely love them! They hold up well in the snow too. They come out to $150 with all of the promos!!
  21. A similar style without the shearling.
  22. The cream-colored version of #20. So chic!

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