La Ligne x Target

Target Designer Collaboration with La Ligne

I totally forgot this past Saturday was the launch of Target’s annual Fall Designer Collection! As soon as I realized, I was expecting everything to be out of stock. So when I saw pretty much everything is still available, I threw together this post! I know we’re all big fans of this semi-annual collaboration series so I wanted to share the brand I’m most excited about, La Ligne.

La Ligne is quite literally “the line” in French. So you know they love a stripe!

Using the stripe as a muse, the three founders behind La Ligne design timeless, covetable sweaters and other versatile pieces that can keep up with lifeโ€™s every moment.

If I had to pick just one piece from the collaboration, it would be this striped cardigan. It’s worth noting how size inclusive the entire collection is, too… XXS-4X! Bravo, Target. 👏

You can shop the entire collection here!

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