Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Men’s Guide

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The Nordstrom NSale always gets a ton of hype for women, but as I was previewing the Anniversary Sale for Dave, I figured I’d compile a big shopping guide for guys this year! If you’re a Nordstrom Rewards member, you can start shopping today or sometime later this week depending on your spend level. (Just log into your Nordstrom account to get your date.) If you aren’t a Nordstrom Rewards member, the sale opens up to everyone on July 28th.

BOXERS + SOCKS  |  I mentioned this in my men’s gift guide for Valentine’s Day, but Dave only wears the Saxx brand of boxer briefs. Luckily, there are a few sets in the sale! Same with Bombas, only socks he wears.

Saxx Ultra Performance Briefs $19 (reg. $32)
Saxx 2-Pack Vibe Performance $37 (reg. $57)
Saxx 2-Pack Ultra Performance $37 (reg. $57)
Saxx 3-Pack Daytripper Performance $39 (reg. $60)
Bombas 3-Pack Ankle Athletic Socks $23 (reg. $36)
Bombas 3-Pack No-Show Socks $23 (reg. $36)


SUNGLASSES  |  There are a few great pairs for guys this year! A few of these are unisex, too. 🙂

Rag & Bone Aviators $139 (reg. $209)
Ray-Ban Brown Wayfarers $99 (reg. $161)
Quay Bronze Rounded Sunglasses $35 (reg. $55)
Tom Ford Sunglasses $288 (reg. $430)


SKINCARE  |  I once took a shower at my friends’ Rachel + Alex’s place and realized that Alex and Dave have very similar taste in men’s skincare and grooming products. Here are a few things they both use…

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel $39 (reg. $59)
Malin + Goetz Jumbo Rum Body Wash* $50
Malin + Goetz Jumbo Peppermint Shampoo $50
Kiehl’s Body Scrub Bar Duo $20

*Funny fact about this body wash… I’ve included it in my Anniversary Sale roundups for the last few years because it’s my favorite body wash, too. I love the scent and find that it’s very unisex to have in a guest bathroom shower! I was very pleasantly surprised to find it in Dave’s shower when we first started dating last year. The only time of year that you can find the big bottles with a pump is during the Anniversary Sale so be sure to stock up!


CLOTHING + JACKETS  |  Rather than list out all of the clothes I like for guys, you can flip through this widget for my edited selection of favorites based on brands Dave typically likes and wears! Prices listed are sale prices.


SHOES  |  Highlighting two of Dave’s favorite shoes below, and then scoured through all of the shoe selection to pick my favorites in the widget!

To Boot Leather Sneakers* $229 (reg. $350)
To Boot Driving Shoes $209 ($329)

*Dave has at least five pairs of these sneakers in all colors of leather and suede!


RECOVERY  |  This one doesn’t really fit into a category, but I got Dave this Theragun Mini for Christmas and it was a huge hit. We still use it, it’s incredible for at-home massages and sore muscles.

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