Gift Guide: For the Whole Family

Bows & Sequins Gift Guide for the Whole Family -- Great gifts that the entire family will enjoy.

If you’re buying something for the entire family, it can be hard to choose something that everyone can enjoy. Since it kind of depends on their ages and stages in life, I pulled together a few different gift ideas that appeal to a wide range of recipients. Here are my picks for gifts that are sure to make the whole family smile!

1. Three-Month Coffee Subscription  |  2. Double Skyline Print  |  3. Mom & Me Pom Pom Hats  |  4. Wine Filter  |  5. Initial Ring  |  6. Cork Globe  |  7. Pupreme Dog Sweatshirt  |  8. Children’s Parody Book for Adults

  1. The gift that keeps on giving! This 3-Month Coffee Subscription is such an easy, but thoughtful gift to give. I always love giving gifts that remind the recipient(s) of me… They’ll remember you each time their fresh coffee arrives. Plus, they get to customize their taste preferences!
  2. If a family has recently relocated or switched cities, I think this Double Skyline Print is such a fun gift idea. If your city picks aren’t already available, you can customize you own print and pick the two skylines you’d like.
  3. These Mom & Me Pom-Pom Hats are just too cute! I have a handful of beanies from this same brand and can personally attest to the quality and style, they’re super chic.
  4. I’m super intrigued by this Ullo Wine Filter that purifies wine by removing sulfates and sediment. If you’re shopping for a family that loves wine and looking to spend a bit more, you should definitely look into the Coravin (not pictured). The contraption works with pressurized gas to pour a single glass of wine at a time, without opening the bottle. I know people that have this and RAVE about it. It’s on my personal wish list!
  5. These Sarah Chloe Initial Rings are stunning! They’re great for incorporating significant others, kids, or family initials. A really great price under $150, too! (And the option without a diamond is only $100!)
  6. I thought this cork globe would be such a good educational gift! It’s always fun teaching my niece where I’m traveling to, and I think showing her visually would be neat! I love Facetiming with my niece when I’m in a different time zone, too… She called me before bedtime (from her mom or dad’s phone) when Merritt and I were in Japan and it was so funny to watch her expression when she saw that it was daylight where I was.
  7. This “Pupreme” dog sweatshirt is hysterical. Score some cool points for the teens in the fam, haha! 😜 (PS: Kate, Tugboat needs this.)
  8. And last, but certainly not least, Twinkle, Twinkle, Social Media Star! This book is absolutely hilarious… It’s a children’s parody book, but it’s written for adults. You’ll get such a kick out of the pop-culture references (like Kris Jenner as Mother Goose!) and the illustrations are amazing, too. It’s perfect for anyone that works in social media, blogs, spends too much time on the Internet, or just likes to poke fun at this crazy digital world we live in!

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