Floating Christmas Ornaments

Jessica Sturdy wearing a Kate Spade Santa Hat in her apartment in New York City.

Remember when I said I was organizing files on my external hard drive earlier this week? Talk about memory-freaking-lane. I was searching for a specific photo (I’m a digital hoarder, I have a copy of everything somewhere… just give me five minutes.) and in the process, I had one very long blast from the past. And man oh man, it was just what the doctor ordered in some weird way.

Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins giving a Christmas home tour in her studio apartment in New York City's Lower East Side.

I shot a holiday feature for The Everygirl back in 2014 and decked out my little studio on the LES. Since I would always go home to Illinois over the holidays, I never really did *that* much with my holiday decor in New York. But when I got the opportunity to decorate for a fun feature, I jumped at it! Plus, that was my best/favorite apartment and the first one where I actually had a little bit of space to decorate.

(But honestly, is it some weird omen that I will go all out with my holiday decor and love my apartment and end up moving out a few short months later?? Why does this happen every time?! haha)

Jessica Sturdy wearing a striped turtleneck and plaid PJ shorts for Christmas in NYC

It also makes me kinda sad to see all of that Christmas decor because those were *the* boxes that I accidentally forgot about in my storage unit in the basement of that apartment building when I moved to Chicago. You know, the ones that were housing that Kate Spade Santa Beanie, that cute zebra rug, etc. Still kicking myself for that oversight!

Bows & Sequins wearing a Kate Spade Santa Hat in her NYC apartment.

Anyway! I was visually reminded about the oh-so-cute idea I had to hang Christmas ornaments from the ceiling with clear fishing wire. It was such a cheap (and relatively easy) way to add some holiday charm to my apartment. The floating effect makes it look extra magical! (And I only got hit with an ornament in my sleep once or twice! 😅)

How to hang Christmas ornaments from the ceiling.

I decided to take the decor idea to my apartment (both over my bed and over my kitchen island) after decorating our holiday pop-up shop at work. For our window display, I had hung TONS (probably close to 100) ornaments at varying heights and absolutely loved the way it turned out. Sadly, I didn’t track down a picture of this, but I know I have it somewhere.

But all you need is fishing wire and clear adhesive stickers. You’ll want to keep the fishing wire hanging out a little bit on the other side of the sticker so it doesn’t slide out with the weight of the ornament. I used these dots, but these tabs would probably work even better!

Christmas decor ideas on a budget

Since the ornaments twirl and swing a little bit, they really do add so much sparkle to the space, and add a little twinkle effect, too. Too bad Boomerang or Kira Kira weren’t around back then! 🤪

DIY Christmas Decor
How to hang Christmas ornaments from the ceiling with fishing wire so it looks like they are floating.
Bows & Sequins making hot chocolate in her NYC apartment with stainless steel countertops and white subway tile.

PS: Here’s a similar beanie, but I can’t find anything that resembles the Santa-like quality of the original one from Kate Spade!

PPS: Check out the full holiday feature from my old NYC apartment here! #babyJess

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