Gift Guide #8: NYC

Best gifts for the New Yorker 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Yesterday we covered monogrammed gifts, but another gifting idea is to rep their city! Maybe it’s his hometown, maybe it’s her college campus, maybe it’s where she dreams of moving one day, or maybe just a little piece of nostalgia from yesteryear… Everyone has a place that they’ve got some pride for! It’s kind of funny how that feeling changes over the years, isn’t it?

Personally, I’ve got a few places that feel like home… I’ll always remember where I grew up fondly, but I haven’t felt a strong sense of “home” there for quite a few years, if we’re being honest. Champaign on the other hand… It’s like a walk down memory lane! New York will always hold a very special place in my heart, but my little Chicago apartment truly feels like home to me right now. (It could definitely have something to do with it being the longest I’ve ever lived in one unit outside of the house I grew up in… I moved apartments every single year from 2007-2015.) And we all know, Paris has oddly felt homey since the first time I visited. 😉

1. Yellow Taxi Passport Cover  |  2. Nouveau York Beanie  |  3. New York Umbrella  |  4. NYC Necklace  |  5. NYC Photography Coffee Table Book  |  6. Alex & Ani Bracelet  |  7. New York Matchbooks  |  8. Taxi Mittens  |  9. Travel Coffee Mug  |  10. NY Streets Wall Decor  |  11. New York City Illustrated Card  |  12. Custom Subway Watercolor Print  |  13. Big Apple Matches  |  14. Nouveau York Socks  |   15. Skyline Necklace  |  16. Skyline iPhone Case  |  17. City That Never Sleeps Keytag  |  18. Hand Embroidered City Pillow  |  19. New York Taxi Pouch  |  20. Kate Spade Journal  |  21. Nouveau York iPhone Case  |  22. New York Map Rocks Glass

A few more favorites not pictured…

I gave this hand-embroidered pillow as a gift last year and it’s honestly a work of art in person! So beautiful and there are over 100 different destinations to choose from. You can also find the college versions here!

I always love The Home T… 10% of proceeds go towards MS research! (They’ve expanded to hats, hoodies, mugs, baby onesies, and decor if you haven’t checked them out in a while.)

I also think these mugs are super cute! Lots and lots of options.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out this (funny) gift guide I did about what to get New Yorkers when I lived there in 2014… 😂

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Be sure to check out The Holiday Shop, where you can filter gifts by both recipient and dollar amount! If you need to reference back, you can always find all of my gift guides here!

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    Alana said:

    Love this! Can you make a Chicago one please??!!

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    Thanks a lot for the cute and helpful gift guide!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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    How cute are these items! I love the pillow!


  4. 11.21.17

    Love this idea! One of the sweetest gifts my husband and I have gotten is a watercolor print of the church where we got married.

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    You’ve had the cutest gift guides this season!