Friday Finds || Week 43

Ashley Brooke Designs Things to Do Clear Tumbler Travel Mug with a pumpkin and sunflowers fall decor.

Hey friends, happy Friday! I (again) feel like I don’t really have anything exciting to report this week. If you’re thinking, “Wow, Jessica, you really lead a boring life sometimes,” you would be correct! The weather dropped down significantly this week (like, 30’s!! #toosoon) and it was even more of an excuse for me to be a bit of a hermit. This was my first full week at home in AGES and it felt oh-so-good to get back into my little routine. I worked out everyday, went to the last outdoor farmer’s market, made every meal I ate (not getting takeout is a huge step for me!), got at least one post published every day, planned out content for the coming weeks, got a good night of sleep each night… Boring AF on paper, but it was actually super fulfilling TBH. Does that make me sound old? Don’t answer that.

It’s going to be a low key evening for me tonight… I’m heading down to my alma mater tomorrow morning for the homecoming football game! The game is at 11am, but I’m meeting my dad and brother at the little pregame party at 9am. (It’s a 2.5 hour drive from Chicago…) So I’ll be getting up around 5:30 tomorrow morning! That might not sound that early to some of you working more traditional jobs, but I’m pretty proud of myself when I get out of bed at 7:30am during the week, let alone on a Saturday.

Not sure what the plan is on Saturday for when I get back to Chicago, but I’m totally skipping the costume thing this year. Hallie and I tossed around the idea of being Mario & Luigi (we did Wayne’s World last year), but we never got around to actually ordering costumes. Whoops, there’s always next year I guess! Are you a halloween person?! If you are, let me know what you’re dressing up as this year! xx

Here are this week’s links…

I can’t wait to make these Buffalo Quinoa Bites with Homemade Ranch Dressing! (They’re vegan, too!)

So inspired to start doing BBG from Rachel’s post! (My friend Merritt has said nothing but great things, too.)

Speaking of Merritt, I need to try this recipe ASAP!

And while we’re on the food front, I started Body Love by Kelly Leveque last weekend! I posted it on my Instagram Stories on Monday and got a ton of questions asking “Do you like the book?!” Yes, I’m absolutely LOVING the book so far! (I wouldn’t have posted about it if I didn’t like it! 😉) I’ve known for a while that my blood sugar levels really affect me. I went and got blood tests for diabetes a few years ago because I was sure something was off, but thankfully all was fine… I’m just pretty sensitive to sugar, which is less than ideal with my sweet tooth and wine-loving antics. But anyway… Kelly’s whole body philosophy is about eating in a way that keeps your blood sugar in check. It’s in no way a diet, but more of a lifestyle guide. There’s a bunch of info in the beginning about the science behind her formula, which I actually found very interesting and easy to read. After that, there are tools for implementing these changes into what you eat. And then there are a lot of recipes, too! I’ve made one of the Fab 4 smoothies for breakfast every day this week and they’ve kept me full until lunch! (And just so we’re clear, this is in no-way sponsored or even gifted. I bought the book on Amazon!) I’m actually going to post more about this next week because it’s been so eye-opening and such a game changer in such a short amount of time… Stay tuned!

But just a little disclaimer on that… Whenever I post something, you can go ahead and assume that I like it. I read a lot of books, try a lot of products, and order and try on a lot of clothes that don’t make it to the blog… I’ve even gone on a trip with a company and not posted about the trip afterwards because it wasn’t an experience I could honestly recommend. Bottom line, I won’t ever give something my stamp of approval if it’s mediocre because my opinion wouldn’t be trusted anymore, you know? Plus, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that you guys wasted your money on something that wasn’t worth it. // The one thing I will say, though… In these Friday Finds posts, I do link to a lot of products I haven’t seen or tried in person. “Loving this dress!” etc. I think this goes without saying, but I only link to things that I would order myself! Obviously sometimes things don’t look or fit like you think they’re going to, which is why sites with Free Shipping & Free Returns are my go-to’s… Looking at you, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Zappos, & Revolve! Okay, back to regularly scheduled programing…

I’ve been saying it for weeks, but if you don’t have a giant faux fur statement coat this season, I highly recommend picking one up! I was randomly browsing on Forever 21 this week and came across a lot of really cute (and obviously v affordable!) options… See my favorites below! (Also, a bit of a side note, I got a faux fur vest from Forever 21 in college circa 2009 and it’s still in my closet, eight years later.) I ordered a few of these to see what the feel and quality is like in person… I’ll keep you posted!

Loving the green color of this turtleneck with statement sleeves!

I just got these jeans this week… They’re under $100 and the perfect style to dress up for a fun juxtaposed look (statement coat, tee or turtleneck, and velvet booties; or a blazer, bodysuit, and loafers) or wear super casual with sneakers! A note on sizing: absolutely do not size up. They will be super tight when you first put them on, but they stretch a lot as you wear them, trust!! (Currently in the process of seeing if Shopbop will let me exchange them even though I wore them once… I wasn’t expecting them to stretch so much! Probably not, but it’s worth a shot to ask.)

I talk about morning routines a lot here on the blog (my updated routine is coming to the blog the first week of November!), but this is CERTAINLY not something we’ve ever discussed. I’m absolutely fascinated! Admittedly, I’ve never been one to enjoy cannabis (I turn into a paranoid mess, no thanks), but I’m beyond intrigued by this.

I loved reading through all of the comments on this post. I’m obviously no where near getting married or changing my name, but I really have no idea what I’ll do when the day comes, as I have a strong connection to my middle name, a lot of people refer to me by my initials, and I can foresee myself not wanting to change my last name for career purposes. I do like the idea of sharing a last name with my husband and kids, though, so who knows. Luckily I’ve got plenty of time to mull it over! 😜

This long, monochromatic plaid coat is just too good. On my wish list!

This red plaid coat is super cute, too!

I ordered this green tie-sleeve sweater and can’t wait to see how it is in person. It’s only $45, couldn’t resist!

This navy crossbody with gunmetal hardware is a great option if you’re in the market for a new little bag… Perfect for tailgates, running errands with your hands free, going out, etc!

Navy booties are always kind of hard to find… Love these that are under $200!

These leather loafers are the perfect shade of Cubbie Blue!

Oh em gee .. These velvet pumps with an ankle tie are too cute!! Now the question is… dusty pink or classic navy blue?!

I’m also loving these glitter heel sandals with a bow on top! I can’t decide if I like the black or the blush pink better…

Feeling Burnt Out? Here’s how to check in with yourself and some really great ways to get back on track!

I don’t know why, but I found this article in the NYT very captivating. A Madoff Gets a Makeover, by Giving Them

An interesting perspective… This is why you hate running.

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  1. 10.27.17
    Lexington Stoyell commented:

    Hey Jess!! I highly recommend the BBG program for workouts…but if your still shopping around for a program I also recommend Grace Fit workouts (

  2. 10.27.17

    I’m definitely a Halloween lover! I really like the coffee tumbler you posted, it’s so cute!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. 10.27.17
    Tiffany S. commented:

    I started reading Body Love recently too after hearing Kelly on the Almost 30 podcast – it’s such an amazing (and fun!) interview. Definitely recommend checking it out! xx