Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 21

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Happy happy Friday! Wow wow wow, this week was a little bit of a doozy. It started out with, like, five straight days of pouring rain, and unfortunately the grey skies always make me feel the exact same way. But then our basement flooded, apparently previous tenants had cats that had pissed all over the carpet, the entire house smelt like a litter box while we burned ~20 candles at a time and kept windows open for a few days. Thankfully my room is upstairs and wasn’t affected by the water, but I feel awful for my roommates that live down there and are dealing with all of the construction aftermath. THEN my laptop keyboard went out, my desktop computer decided not to work, updating the operating system took approximately nine hours during the work day, none of the software I use daily would work with the new operating system, etc. SO THAT WAS FUN! Thankfully, I think we’re on the up and up over here… My desktop computer is fully working, and I’ll tackle my laptop at a later date. One thing at a time!

With all of these little nuisances, I didn’t make working out a priority, and I didn’t go outside for five days straight with all of the storms, so I was just feeling SO BLAH. But I did a killer workout this morning, showered, and got my shit together. Ready to have a nice, productive weekend! Because obviously there will be no typical MDW celebrations over here this year…

What do you guys have on your agendas this weekend?!

I sent out an email newsletter yesterday with some of my favorite MDW sale picks. I know subscribing to an email list can be a little bit intimidating, so I figured I’d share a little peek at what this type of content looks like. (Click here to check it out!) I have a few different lists you can subscribe to (a weekly letter from me, monthly sale roundups, etc), so if you’re interested in any of that email-exclusive content, you can subscribe here! Just be sure to click which list(s) you want to get on.

Okay, let’s get to it! Here are this week’s finds…

Another sale that you might not want to miss… LoveShackFancy’s sale is an extra 20% off! I just want to live in all of their dresses this summer. Quarantine Chic!

I am OBSESSED this these sandals! I’m so bummed my size is sold out in gold. Trying to decide between black or white… Thoughts?!

It’s safe to say this in my dream home.

One of my favorite sweaty skincare brands is running 40% off all weekend! (You can use my code BSS to activate the discount.) You can read my review here, but essentially all of the products are for skin that sweats. So it’s great for pre- and post-workout! I need to do an updated post, but I’m also obsessed with all three products in the Body set. And the Detox Me mask is SO SO GOOD!

Speaking of, here are some free YouTube workout videos.

I saw this hair mist on IG this week, and I’m super intrigued!

I am OBSESSED with these navy & tortoise sunglasses. So much so that I was hesitant to even add them to this list because I’m trying not to shop, and I’m nervous they’ll sell out, but they’re too good not to share. AND — they are currently offering Buy One, Get One Free on all sunglasses! Plus, each order provides 100 meals through Feeding America, so you really can’t go wrong. There’s even a virtual try-on that’s INCREDIBLE how accurate it is… I did it for a pair of sunglasses I already own, and it was so legit. Here are some styles I’m loving…

More items on my to-buy list: this knit strap top! I want it in every color.

And this beaded chain necklace while we’re at it!

If you, too, are in need of a pedicure, read this.

So intrigued by this butt mask… (Yes, you read that correctly.) Here’s what Grace had to say

Was this rainbow trinket tray made for me or what?!

These leggings are SO GOOD! Can’t even decide which color I like best.

My pastel sneakers are on sale!

If you’re at all interested in the business of blogging, Instagram, or podcasting, I thought Kate did a good job outlining her experience in this post!

And on the topic of podcasts, I’ve converted more and more friends as GroupChat addicts. Seriously, it will make you smarter! And it’s funny AF at the same time.

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