Early Access: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates, Best Finds (dresses, handbags, shoes, watches, and more!), Catalog, and everything you need to know!

If you’re a Nordstrom girl (or guy!), you already know the madness begins today! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here, you guys! Well, almost… “Early Access” starts today (7/14) and the sale opens up to everyone on July 22nd. But let’s back up, shall we?

Update for 2017: Early Access starts on July 13th this year! Sale opens to everyone on July 21st.

Update for 2019: Early Access starts on July 12th this year! Sale opens up to everyone on July 19th.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Let’s talk details…

What: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Why: Compared to end of the season mark-downs, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the complete opposite. Every item in the Anniversary Sale is BRAND NEW. It’s all new-for-fall merchandise that’s discounted first, before prices go back up to regular price. New Arrivals going on sale. Crazy, right? It’s truly the best time to shop for your fall wardrobe! (And believe me, I’m NOT AT ALL ready for fall. I wish we could keep summer around forever! But I’m forcing myself to be realistic and put myself into a fall fashion mindset for a minute, if only for the sake of saving money!) However, since it’s such an amazing sale — THINGS GO FAST! You have to be on your A-Game to score the best pieces. Many items sell out during the Anniversary Sale (and even during Early Access!) before they ever go full-price!

WhenEarly Access is July 12-18, 2018, but the sale is open to everyone July 19 through August 4th. Prices go back up to regular retail on August 5th!

Where: Typically, Early Access used to only be available to Nordstrom Card Holders in store only. And if you’ve ever shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in person, it can be a total zoo! (Think: Black Friday.) However, last year they switched things up and you can now shop early access online! This was such a huge improvement.

Who: Alright, here’s the catch.. Kind of. Early Access is reserved for Nordstrom Card holders only. If you’re anything like me, you’re anti-store-credit-cards. (It’s always a resounding NO when an employee asks me if I want to save 15% for opening a credit card.) However, did you know Nordstrom has a DEBIT CARD? My guess would be no, as the store employees generally try to push the Credit Cards first. (I would know, I used to work there.) The Nordstrom Debit is simply a card that’s directly linked to your bank account. Looks like a credit card, but the money is debited from your account, just as it would be if you were using your debit card from your bank. It doesn’t affect your credit score at all, as there is no line of credit being issued to you. The best part? You earn the exact same amount of points that Credit Card holders do, and you get all of the same benefits and perks, too. It’s seriously a no-brainer!! If you’re using your regular debit card in store, just link up to the Nordstrom Debit to start earning those Nordstrom Notes. I’ve had the Debit Card since 2011 and I love it!

It’s not too late to apply either. You can apply online and start shopping the day after you’re approved! And Early Access lasts for one week…

Update for 2019: Early Access starts on July 12th this year! Sale opens to everyone on July 19th. Prices go up August 5th.

If you don’t have a card and don’t want to have a card, I recommend starting a wish list! You can add everything you’ve got your eye on now to keep track of what sells out, etc. Then when the sale opens up to everyone on July 19th, you’ll be able to easily add everything to your cart and purchase quickly!


My biggest tips for shopping the sale?

It’s easy to go a little bit sale crazy. Take this from someone who’s been there. I used to work all summer and save up from May-July just to shop the sale in excess. Use the sale as a time to save money on things you’ll need to buy come fall… Try not to go overboard and buy things just because they’re at a great price. Much easier said than done, trust. (I’m guilty of this considering I bought a rose gold flamingo float yesterday, but I digress…) I call it Sale Psychosis.

My main shopping tip is to stock up on your outerwear, jeans, wardrobe basics, fall & winter shoes, and beauty supplies. For example, I only wear Hanky Panky underwear, but they are so expensive. Buying them in bulk during the Anniversary Sale definitely helps! Another pointer would be to think about the items you want to invest in later this fall.. A new down coat? A new watch? A new pair of riding boots? A new work tote? Whatever it may be, this is a good time to try to find it marked down!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access

Let’s get shopping!

I got to preview the sale items in-store at Michigan Avenue yesterday and my wish list is currently a mile long, maybe two. So, so many good finds! But there’s always more online so I’ve been scouring the website essentially all night to make shopping a bit easier.

Real talk… Even before I blogged (6+ years ago!), I used to stay up at night until the sale launched online and comb through every. single. product. I couldn’t sleep until I went through it all… Such a weirdo! (And I’ve been blogging about the sale for years… 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and now here we are!)

Here are a few stand-out pieces that I saw in store… All of which are at least 33% off!

  1. This plaid Theory coat! It seems to be the exact same boxy fit as my favorite camel colored Theory coat from two winters ago. (See this post, this post, this post, this post, and this post!) The plaid tweed will bring such a rich texture to your fall wardrobe. And I especially love how it’s a bit borrowed-from-the-boys!
  2. This green leather jacket is a must, must, must have! Green is one of my favorite colors to wear, as it’s the perfect neutral that isn’t too drab. Plus, it looks good on just about every skintone and hair color! I snapped this jacket in store and I even had a few of my guy friends respond that it was 🔥. No man-repelling here!
  3. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots! I have a pair of these and they come in so, so handy in the winter. They have a convenient little zipper, so you never have to worry about tying them or wiggling your feet in. So easy to slip on to take the dog out or to run out for coffee. They’re the perfect boot for your work commute on snowy days, too! (See this post & this post to see how they fit!)
  4. This vest (that’s under $60!) is a dream! It’s so cozy and comes in multiple colors. Great for traveling and for those in-between fall days!
  5. I fell in love with these Nike sneakers in the store! They’re so cute, and I think they just might be perfect for Italy. Great to wear to and from barre, pilates, or spin (or other classes where you don’t have to wear your sneakers!) … Sporty, but still stylish.
  6. The sunglasses of the moment, the Dior shades, were even included in the sale! I bought this green & tortoise pair.
  7. I can’t go any farther without mentioning the rose gold flamingo pool float. The real question is if I should pack mine in my suitcase, inflate it in Positano, and try my best Grey Malin. Floating on a rose gold flamingo in the Mediterranean?! I can’t.
  8. I also bought this printed skirt! I love the abstract hemline, it’s super flattering for your legs. It looks great on it’s own with pumps or booties, but will also pair perfectly with tights this fall and winter. A true wear-now and wear-later piece! I bought this skirt, too… Super flattering and versatile!
  9. These Frame jeans are so sick, I love them! Perfect for showing off your booties this fall. They also have these skinnies and these grey skinnies on sale.
  10. I saw this Milly dress and exclaimed, “OMG, it’s like the old Milly!!” If you were a Milly fan in the pre-2010 era, you will absolutely love this dress.
  11. This mixed tartan vest is definitely a statement maker, but I think it’s friggen awesome! Paired with black skinny jeans, black booties, and a black turtleneck sweater?! So fun.
  12. Barbour jackets! Need I say more?! Perfect time to pick one up. And also, Patagonias on sale, too!
  13. I bought this tweed jacket because the price was fab and I like how it’s slightly edgy (for a tweed jacket!) with the black and blue color combination and exposed zippers.
  14. Finally bought these pink sunglasses I’ve been lusting after!
  15. Fell in love with these leather sneakers yesterday, too. So fun for fall! Definitely borrowed from the boys, but I’d pair with a more feminine sweater and cuffed skinny jeans.

And a few noteworthy items I loved online… All 33% off or more!

  1. I don’t know how I missed these booties in store. Bought them this morning as soon as I saw them! SO GOOD!
  2. You’ve heard me talk about my RevitaBrow eyebrow growth serum. It’s included in the sale!
  3. I’ve heard awesome things about this cleansing device. Have you tried Foreo? Thinking of picking one up!
  4. This white blouse is absolutely gorgeous! You can wear it now and well into the fall, too. Also love this one that’s more wallet friendly.
  5. This dress is absolute perfection. Haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet, but I really want to.
  6. I’ve still not tried a Clarisonic brush, but I think about buying one every year during the sale. Should I?!
  7. I’ve seen these army green jackets with giant fur collars for a few seasons now and it’s finally time for me to buy one. Love this one! The collar is so fun and unexpected.
  8. I knew it would happen eventually, but I finally let myself try La Mer and I’m obsessed. (More on that to come!) I had multiple reach out on Snapchat a few days after I started using the night cream saying that my skin was glowing! This intro set is a great deal if you’ve been on the fence about trying it.
  9. I missed this vest in store but I think I need it. Right?! So gorgeous!!
  10. And lastly, loving this button-front shirt. The leopard pocket is such a quirky detail to jazz up an otherwise simple oxford shirt.

And my top 25 favorite items under $100!

And now let’s break it down by category…

Outerwear // If you live in a city with seasons, your outerwear game has to be pretty strong! I have a pretty big coat collection simply because I get tired of wearing the same ol’ thing day after day after day. A lot of the time, people don’t even see your outfit underneath… So you might as well make sure you’ve got some fab coats!

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Beauty // Buying department store beauty products gets expensive so fast! I love how there are so many value sets during the Anniversary Sale.

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Shoes // Whether you’re replacing your boots and booties from last year, grabbing a new pair of sneakers to wear right now, or investing in a new pair of work shoes, now is the time to do it! There are so many great shoes on sale this year.

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Work Week Wardrobe // Updating your workday wardrobe can be a drag, but get yourself a few fresh outfits that will help fight off the end-of-summer blues in a few months.

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Accessories // I’ve always been an accessories girl. The first floor of Nordstrom is my happy place! If you need a new bag, sunglasses, or a new watch, now’s the time.

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Wardrobe Staples You’ll Wear for Years // Invest in those wardrobe staples you’ll need in your closet when fall rolls around, but do it now when they’re on sale!

Top 5 Favorites:  one  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five

Home & Decor // I’m loving how much Nordstrom’s home selection has evolved over the last year. In store, too! So many great finds.

Activewear // If you’re in need of a little fire under your butt to get to the gym after indulging all summer, pick up some new gear to make working out a bit more enjoyable!


Happy Shopping! If you’re a card holder, let me know what you pick up!



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    These are all such beautiful pieces! How am I supposed to choose?!

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    Hi! Do you know if different products are added after the Early Access sale, or is what’s marked down now the only things that will be? Thanks!

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    Jessica commented:

    Seriously dying over this years sale! Does anyone know what time it opens up to the public on the 22nd?
    No card for this gal lol

    • 7.21.16
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      Nordstrom is based out of Seattle so it always starts at midnight Pacific time!

  7. 7.26.16
    Stephanie McCarty commented:

    This is fab! Is the sale online only or also in-store?