Studio McGee for Target

Studio McGee for Target New Collection Fall 2020 Cane Furniture

Studio McGee is one of my favorite home decor accounts to follow on Instagram! (Check out their feed here.) In the last couple of years, they’ve launched their own McGee & Co. products and they are every bit as dreamy as you’d imagine. (I’ll take a set of these chairs, or a set of these chairs, this bed, this accent chair, this, this, and this. Thank you!) No, seriously… How much do you love everything?!

But when it comes to budget friendly pieces, not so much… Like, I’d absolutely love this nightstand in my new place, but $2000 is pushing it, ya know? Since I’m starting to order pieces for my new apartment, I’m extra excited for today’s Studio McGee for Target launch! They had another collection for Target (either this past spring or last fall, time truly escapes me lately) and everything sold out pretty quickly, so I’ve got an alarm set to shop this morning.

My new apartment has two sconces in the living room that I’m planning to replace and these look like the *perfect* players. (Yes, I’m renting, but I’m a firm believer in making a space your own. I’ll take my sconces with me when I go and swap theirs back in!) I’ll be using my current desk for the time being, but I L-O-V-E the looks of this one. It feels a little risky ordering a big piece of furniture before I’m in the space, but I just *know* it will work… I have a vision! I’m hoping my media console that’s in storage will work in the new space, but OMG do I love this one! And while I don’t have space for either of these pieces, I’m crushing on this cozy accent chair and matching ottoman.

Can you tell I’m going in a totally different direction for my new decor?! Ahh, I’m so excited! I’ll be sharing more soon.

But here’s a handful of my favorite pieces from the Studio McGee for Target collection…

Studio McGee for Target

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  1. 9.13.20
    Briana said:

    Target always has the best finds!


  2. 9.17.20
    Kayla D said:

    I love Target and I love Studio Mcgee, so this is my dream collab! I seriously wish I had the space (and money) to buy the entire collection!