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Here on Bows & Sequins, you guys always see the “final look.” Sure, somedays I’m more put together than others, but besides the occasional outtake or Instagram photo, you rarely get a peek “behind the scenes.” I wrote a fun Blogger Prep article on Beauty High last week where I walk you through my hair and beauty routine for the summer months! Click here for the full tutorial. I’ve shared some of my favorite shots below… Enjoy!

Juicy Couture Perfume / Jose Eber Curling Wand / CHI Flatiron / Stila Petunia

Chloe Perfumes / Kate Spade Necklace / Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair Finishing Spray, Heat Protect Spray / J Mug / Diptique Patchouli Jar / Benefit Erase Paste / Kabuki Brush / DIY Flower Bowl

Juicy Couture Blazer (on sale!) & Shorts / NARS Orgasm BlushMirrored Aviators / NARS Laguna Bronzer / Stila Petunia / Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask

Yeah, I have a bit of a problem. (That whole dresser is full of jewelry… Oops.)

Trouve Tee / Prabal Gurung for Target Skirt / Zara Sandals / Bauble Bar Necklace / Adia Kibur Necklace / Prada Sunglasses

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

PS – For the rest of my bedroom tour, click here! Those pictures were taken right after I got settled and a lot has changed since then. i.e. WAY too many things jammed into 100 square feet. This will be the last you see of this apartment because I’m moving to a bigger place (woo hoo!) in less than 2 weeks. I couldn’t be more excited to decorate! 🙂

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  1. 5.27.13
    AJ said:

    WOW you have a LOT of accessories! Crazy jealous!!


  2. 5.27.13
    Lili said:

    Such cool shots. That drawers full of bangles, I need that! LoL


  3. 5.27.13
    Lara said:

    Love that skirt on you! And loving the Juicy blazer as well Your make-up area looks so fun and cute! Excited to read the full post on Beauty High.

    xox Lara

  4. 5.27.13
    Emily said:

    Such a cute post! Love seeing all of the accessories.

  5. 5.27.13
    Natalie said:

    Love this behind the scenes post! I really love your beauty/accessories area!

  6. 5.27.13
    Emily said:

    Are those all Sequin bangles?! I’m so jealous; I need to add to my collection!

  7. 5.28.13
    Helena said:

    Hello my dear!
    So nice dress!
    I love the shoes!
    Have a lovely day!

  8. 5.28.13

    What a cute idea to show the “behind the scenes” of getting ready. Your bangle collection is impressive…love all the colors!

    – Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  9. 5.28.13
    Stacey said:

    I love you dresser and that bangle collection is amazing!


    Five Minute Style

  10. 5.28.13
    stephanie said:

    love your bracelets!!
    xx Stephanie (

  11. 5.28.13
    Alissa said:

    Oh my gosh I have some serious bangle jealousy! You have an incredible collection of jewelry.

  12. 5.28.13
    Olivia said:

    This makes me feel better about my own jewelry collection! I love how organized your bangles are! Might need to do some organizing now 🙂

  13. 5.28.13
    Rose said:

    Lots of NARS + lots of Sequin=two of my favorite things!

  14. 5.28.13
    Agi said:

    Great post Jessica. YOu put my jewelry collection to shame. Love all the those fabulous bracelets!!! Good luck with the move. I can’t wait to see pictures from your new place.

    Don’t forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Hope to see you there.


  15. 5.28.13
    Kayla said:

    Love this! And we totally have similar home tastes.. I have pieces from that Pier One collection too! LOVEE that store! : )


  16. 5.28.13

    Great pics and good luck on the move!

  17. 5.28.13
    michelle said:

    i seriously cannot wait to see your new place. major case of new york envy going on right here.

  18. 5.28.13
    Rose said:

    You look adorable! I see someone else who likes bracelets just as much as I do. 🙂

  19. 5.28.13
    Meg said:

    Love what you did with the necklace layering!

  20. 5.28.13
    amy said:

    Such a fun post idea! I love this skirt.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  21. 5.28.13
    anngelik said:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the complete look especially the skirt and necklace.


  22. 5.28.13
    Olivia J. said:

    OMG! I love your mirror dresser and jewelry chest!

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