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As we’re all settling into the new year this week, I’m sure you’re probably in the same boat as me… Making lots of plans for the next twelve months. One big thing on my list is DECORATE MY APARTMENT! Dave always laughs at me because I’m like, “I HAVE A VISION!” To which he responds, “Then why don’t you have anything hung on the wall?!” I’m sorry, sir, would you like to hand over your credit card??? Didn’t think so. 🤪

In all seriousness, decorating and furnishing an apartment (or home!) is EXPENSIVE, time consuming (especially with all of the current delays), and for me, not something I want to rush into until I have a clear vision of what I want. With my first apartment in Chicago, I definitely made that mistake. I didn’t really have a plan for my living room and ended up buying things that didn’t work in the long run.

CB2 Office Decor

Floor Lamp  |  Shagreen Desk  |  Leopard Rug  |  Desk Chair  |  Burl Wood Frames  |  Abstract Art

As you’ve seen from old apartments and Instagram, I’ve had this leopard rug in my third NYC apartment, in my first Chicago closet, and now under my desk. And I have this pin board above my desk currently! You may have seen my desk dilemma on Instagram stories last spring, but here’s the run-down if you missed it… My desk got smashed in storage (😡), ordered this desk and it came with a broken drawer, my replacement desk never showed up 🤷🏼‍♀️ so I figured out how to make the desk look fine, but I just haven’t been able use one of the drawers. After some time living in my apartment, my desk is actually in the darkest corner of my space, so a black desk just isn’t the right fit for my working environment. I like things bright and airy!

So here’s what I’ve come up with! I’m obsessed with this shagreen desk atop my leopard rug. I actually bought this lamp a few weeks ago, which I still think will look great next to the desk. (Such great quality for the price, btw!) And I love it all paired with this swivel desk chair! I’m including the rest of my favorite chairs in the widget below… Do I want wheels?! Do I want a tall back instead?! Part of me wants to try a pop of green. Also including a few more desks that caught my eye… we’ll see what happens!

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