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It’s rare that a lot of these products ever go on sale so I had to share the news… Today is the last day to save up to 20% at Bluemercury! I don’t know how I missed this one, but I was checking the promotions tab of my email last night and saw “one more day to save!” Wait, what? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock the last week. So, in case you missed it, too, here’s the scoop…

After some more investigating… In addition to taking 10-20% off of your order, you can also score their summer beauty bag that has all of these amazing products in it. Typically, I find a lot of gifts with purchase to be gimmicky and not even worth it, but Bluemercury’s big beauty bags never disappoint. Every time I’ve gotten it, I’m always using those products in my travel toiletry bag for months to come and finding new favorites.

Bows & Sequins shares her favorite products (and her reviews for each) for Bluemercury's M-61 line: Power Cleanse, Vitablast C, PowerGlow Peel Pads, PowerSpot Clear Treatment, and Hydraboost Body Butter.

I did this entire post a few months back with my absolute favorite products from Bluemercury’s in-house line, M-61. Yes, it’s a great time to scoop any of those up, but the real kicker of this sale is that allllllllll of the sh*t that never goes on sale is on sale. You know those products in your medicine cabinet that you always seem to pay full price for? Yep, now’s the time to get them 20% off.

Here’s what I’ve currently got in my cart, but I’m trying to narrow it down so I’m not dropping a quick grand today.

La Mer  |  I need to do a whole post about La Mer and why it really is incredible, but I finally ran out of my large jar when I was on Remote Year (😭) and I have yet to fork over the cash to replenish my supply. Admittedly, it does last forever, but I’ve been trying to explore less expensive avenues to moisturize my face at night, but truly — nothing compares to La Mer. And you can never find it on sale.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen  |  You guys know I’ve loved this for the last year and a half. It’s meant for your face, but I use it all over my arms and chest everyday. It’s the only product that’s gotten me to wear sunscreen on my body every single day because it simply doesn’t feel like sunscreen. It’s so silky soft!

Supergoop Daily Moisturizer  |  I’m obsessed with this stuff! This is a newer favorite, as I’m just about to run out of my first jar here shortly, but I love this moisturizer for every morning use after I was my face and put on serum. Such a good daily SPF staple, especially in the summer months!

Supergoop Setting Mist  |  I always have this in my purse (or pool/beach bag) in the summer for SPF touch-ups over my makeup. The rosemary and peppermint is SO refreshing and actually sets your makeup instead of ruining it!

Kiehl’s Vitamin C Line-Reducing Concentrate  |  I’ve mentioned this anti-aging product in this post, but it’s honestly the best Vitamin C product I’ve used, especially for the price! It’s makes such a difference with skin texture and fighting off fine lines. (I felt like I saw more of a difference than I did with the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic that’s 3-4x the price!)

Kiehl’s Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream  |  Yep, I just ran out of yet another jar of this eye cream last week. (I guess it did last six months, as it was one of the products I had Kelly bring down to me in Mexico City in December…) But still… This is probably jar number ten for me over the years, haha. (I’ve talked about it here!)

Caudalie Radiance Serum  |  I ran out of this right before I went on Remote Year last summer and I’ve missed it pretty much every day since. It’s the best daytime serum that always made me look like I was glowing because it brightened up my skin so well! I didn’t use it every day, but more so on the days when my skin was looking a little blah. The bottle lasts forever, too — a little goes a long way. (I mentioned it in this blog post!)

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil  |  This has been my holy grail night oil since, like, 2013 or 2014. I ran out sometime last summer and wanted to try some other products out there. But I’m eager to start using it again, because it worked so well with my skin type. (I think it’s great for combo skin!) It never clogged my pores, and always evened out my skin tone so much. It’s like a mini facial while you sleep. I honestly used to always tell people that this was my secret when they’d compliment my skin! I’m hoping it still loves me just as much as I loved it, haha. It’s weird how our skin changes over time, isn’t it?! (I’ve  mentioned it previously in this blog post!)

I also have M-61 Peel Pads, HydraBoost Body Butter, and Power Cleanse in my cart, but you can see my reviews for those in this post!

I typically go to Bluemercury for skincare, but they have lots of makeup, hair, and body products, too. (All of the best brands!) I’ve got a re-stock of my favorite everyday eyeshadow (Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick in Rose Gold) and my absolute favorite everyday mascara (Lune+Aster Stratosphere Volumizing Mascara) in my cart, too.

Say prayers for my bank account, because I truly can’t choose what to remove from my cart. It will probably be the La Mer since it’s the most expensive by a landslide, but this is pretty much the only time of the year you can take 20% right off the top of the price so it’s such a hard call?! Halp.

Bluemercury Gift Card and M61 Power Peel Pads

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