Tarte Concealer: My Thoughts on Shape Tape

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in a full-size tube of Ultra Creamy and a mini tube of Radiant on a brass crocodile tray with gold jewelry.

I feel like I’m the last person on Earth to try the viral Tarte concealer! Shape Tape™ is one of the most well-known makeup products around. Apparently, there’s a tube of Tarte’s Shape Tape™ concealer sold EVERY FOUR SECONDS! Wild.

Tarte Cosmetics is far from a viral sensation, though, as the brand itself is almost 25 years old! From the get-go, they’ve been focused on naturally derived ingredients, which was definitely not the norm back in 1999 when the brand was founded. Tarte also touts itself as the #1 concealer brand!

Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer is sold exclusively at Ulta, Target, and on their website.

When I was at Ulta a few weeks ago, I figured I’d grab a few tubes of this viral Tarte conceal to see what all the hype was about. I think I may have tested the Tarte concealer nearly a decade ago when it came out at Sephora, but didn’t like the formula on me, at least in the store that day. So whenever I’ve heard anyone rave about Shape Tape over the years, I’ve immediately written it off. I also felt like maybe I didn’t quite understand the name and was using it wrong? IDK.

But I actually watched an interview with the founder, Maureen Kelly, last week (which was great, BTW!) and learned that there are now THREE different Shape Tape Tarte concealer formulas. Since people rave about this concealer, I decided to give it another go and figure out what all the hype was about.

Tarte Shape Tape Comparison Chart

Tarte Concealer Shades

Your shade should remain the same across all Tarte concealer formulas… Each one is available in 37 different shades. No matter if you have fair skin with rosy undertones, deeper skin with golden undertones, or any combination in between, there should be a color match for you. For this post, I was testing them all in 20B.

Shape Tape™ Radiant Concealer

The newest formula of Shape Tape just launched this past year in 2023, so it’s less than a year old! Shape Tape Radiant is a much lighter-weight formula that’s dubbed medium coverage. Suitable for all skin types and winner of an Allure Beauty Award, too! It contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep your undereye area moisturized and, FWIW, it’s also the formula that founder Maureen dubbed as her favorite.

Chicago beauty blogger reviews Tarte's Shape Tape Radiant concealer in shade light 20B


I actually really like this one! It is VERY lightweight and feels like it instantly absorbs into my skin, almost like a second skin. It is buildable, too. You can add another layer (or two!) for more coverage without it feeling cakey. I would say it’s more sheer than your traditional ‘medium’ coverage, which I actually prefer. I’m definitely in the ‘less is more’ camp when it comes to makeup and don’t like when makeup completely flattens me out. I appreciate the natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look!

I was wondering if the ‘Radiant’ finish would have some sparkle to it, but I can confirm it does not! It is still very much matte. After a bit of research, the name actually comes from the ‘diamond powder’ (or crushed pearl micro particles that give a brightening illusion).


Normally I never wear makeup to a workout class unless I had something earlier in the day, but in the spirit of research, I applied the concealer before a pilates class. I only applied one layer and was very impressed with how natural it looked. It didn’t look like I was wearing any makeup, but I just looked a bit more awake as my undereye area was brighter and my dark circles were less obvious. My pilates class isn’t an insanely sweaty workout class, but it is tough. The Tarte concealer stayed put the whole time and looked just as great after class!


Hours later, I was very impressed that my undereye area still felt hydrated and didn’t look dry! (Which is saying a lot for January in Chicago!) I think that Shape Tape Radiant is their most natural-looking concealer.

I’ve applied it with my fingertips, a dense foundation brush, as well as a moistened Beauty Blender and it looked the same all ways! I’m all about ease and convenience and tend to prefer my ring finger as a concealer applicator whenever I can.

I was very impressed with the staying power, too! Just a little bit looked so natural, but lasted me all day long.

My best tip is don’t be afraid to layer it! Apply a few dots, blend, and reaccess. Apply a few more dots, blend, and reaccess.!

Overall, I really like it and will definitely be adding it to my rotation! I’m going to buy a full-size tube to keep in my makeup bag, as I put the mini size in my little toiletry kit in my car. I think it will be perfect for those days when you might need a little extra pick-me-up!

Chicago Beauty Blogger wearing Tarte's Shape Tape Radiant from Ulta

Shape Tape Radiant Ingredients:  seaberry seed oil (hydrating, anti-aging & anti-inflammatory), seaberry fruit oil (anti-aging, hydrating & plumping), licorice root (brightens appearance of dark circles & color corrects), prickly pear (intensely moisturizes), ginseng (helps calm appearance of redness), hyaluronic acid (intensely hydrates), vegan collagen (helps give skin a more youthful, vibrant appearance), green tea (calms irritation & evens out skin discoloration), niacinamide (helps smooth, brighten, reduce inflammation & minimize look of pores), vegan squalane (helps reduce look of fine lines & wrinkles), diamond powder (helps blur & diffuse imperfections), mineral pigments (soothe & soften skin)

Shape Tape™ Ultra Creamy Concealer

This updated formula of Shape Tape was launched just a few years ago in 2021. Shape Tape Ultra Creamy is dubbed as ‘eye cream in a bottle,’ as it’s a full-coverage Tarte concealer with a built-in eye cream that boasts 24-hour hydration! It has a moisturizing matte finish that’s best suited for dry or mature skin types.

Chicago beauty blog reviews Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy concealer in shade 20B


You can instantly tell how creamy the formula is, as it’s very easy to spread. I applied way too much initially, so I’d recommend starting out with way less than you think you need. The application brush is large, so it’s easy to apply.

I definitely noticed the extra coverage with this one… Not necessarily in a bad way, but you could tell that I was wearing makeup, whereas the Radiant finish looked more like #IWokeUpLikeThis. I feel like I’m going to reach for the Ultra Creamy for nights out or when I’m wearing a full face of makeup.


At the end of the day, my undereye area still feels VERY hydrated to the touch! It lives up to its ‘eye cream in a bottle’ claim.

My best tip would be that a little goes a long way!! Start with way less than you think you need. It’s very spreadable and easy to blend out.

I also really liked using the Ultra Creamy formula for the ‘Foundcealer’ trend. If you’re not familiar with Foundcealer, it’s basically using concealer in place of a foundation to spot-correct for a more natural look. If you don’t like the feeling of wearing foundation every day, you can simply dab concealer where you feel like you need some complexion-evening and blend it out with a wet beauty blender.

Personally, I deal with a lot of redness in the winter, but I don’t like to wear a full face of makeup every day. I found that I could use this Tarte concealer to brighten up my under-eyes and also conceal some redness around my nose, chin, brow, and cheeks. After blending it out, I looked so much more fresh-faced, almost like I was wearing foundation!

Tarte Concealer Before & After. Shape Tape Ultra Creamy in 20B

Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer Ingredients:  hyaluronic acid (helps hydrate & plump), prickly pear (intensely moisturizes), ginseng (helps calm appearance of redness), vegan squalane (helps reduce look of fine lines & wrinkles), mango butter (helps moisturize & condition), avocado butter (brightens look of dark circles), shea butter (helps retain skin’s elasticity), raspberry ketone (helps increase skin’s firmness), meadowsweet: (acts as an anti-inflammatory)

Shape Tape Original Concealer

This is the OG that put Tarte Concealer on the map. They call it 8 hours of sleep in a tube! It’s full coverage with a natural matte finish and is best suited for normal to oily skin types.

My Review

Since I have dry skin, this formula felt too thick and dry for me. BUT if you have oiler skin and prefer full coverage, so many people swear by this concealer!

Shape Tape Ingredients: shea butter (helps retain skin’s elasticity), mango butter (helps moisturize & condition), licorice root (brightens the appearance of dark circles & color corrects)

Tarte Concealer Price

Since these concealers were full price when I was buying them, I opted for the Try Me size in one of them. I bought the Ultra Creamy in the full-size tube, which I think also contributed to me applying too much at first. The applicator is quite large!

The large tubes will last you a LONG time. Especially with the Ultra Creamy, a little goes a long way. With the Radiant finish, it’s more sheer and buildable, so I could see that tube running out faster, but honestly still lasting you 6-9 months with frequent use.

Try Me Size: Tarte Concealer Mini

Their $15 travel sizes are a no-brainer! That way, you can find which Tarte concealer works best for you.

Shop the Shape Tape Minis: Original, Ultra Creamy, Radiant


How do I know what shade of Tarte concealer I need?

You can find the shade-matching tool on their website! Tarte Cosmetics Shade Finder

Is Tarte concealer water-based?

All Tarte concealers (at least from the Shape Tape line) are silicone-based, even though water is listed as the first ingredient. Each one contains dimethicone.

Is Tarte concealer vegan?

All of Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer formulas are vegan and cruelty-free. Some of Tarte’s other products use carmine or honey, but you can find all of their vegan-friendly products on this page.

Where can I buy Tarte concealer?

Tarte’s Shape Tape line is available exclusively at Ulta and Target. You can find other Tarte products at Sephora though!

Is this post sponsored?

Absolutely not! The product was not gifted to me either. I purchased the concealers with my own money at an Ulta store near me.

Have you tried Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer line?! I would love to hear your thoughts, good or bad!!

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