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As we kick off the new year, fitness goals are always top of mind. If you’re considering adding workout classes to your schedule, I wanted to share my Class Pass review to help you get started. If you’re looking for a referral, use this link to claim your free trial. You’ll get your first month free!

This is quite a thorough Classpass review, as I’ve been using Classpass for YEARS! It’s changed a lot since I joined in 2017, but all for the best IMO. Everything that used to annoy me about Class Pass has been tweaked over the last few years. If you’ve tried the ClassPass app in the past, I can almost guarantee it’s a totally different experience now. If you have any specific questions, I’m more than happy to answer them in the comments below!

As someone who used to spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on boutique fitness classes every month (I’m looking at you, SoulCycle), Class Pass has been so helpful. For starters, you can now book SoulCycle WITH your ClassPass credits! I never thought I would see the day.

Pretty much every workout class I want to go to is on Class Pass. Ritual Hot Yoga, FP Movement Studio, Rumble Boxing, Y7 Studio, Pure Barre, Yoga 2.0, CorePower Yoga, Studio Three, Studio Lagree, Barry’s Bootcamp, Yoga Six, Title Boxing, Solidcore, Club Pilates, CHI50, BodyRok, Shred 415, and so many more.

Instead of having memberships and credits at a bunch of studios all over town (and having to remember 100 different logins and passwords), I book them all in one place with my Class Pass credits. It’s so much easier!

ClassPass Pricing: Is ClassPass Worth it?

Not only is ClassPass worth it, but I’ve found that booking classes through Class Pass saves you SO much money!

For example, booking a SoulCycle class in Chicago costs $32. But if I book via the ClassPass app, it only costs me ~9 credits. As a rough estimate, credits are around ~$2 each, meaning the same SoulCycle class would cost me ~$20 instead of $32.

One thing to note is that ClassPass credits per class are not fixed! Depending on the studio and demand for a certain class or timeslot, the credits needed to book a class fluctuate. For example, Studio Lagree classes range from 10-14 credits per class, depending on the time of day. Yoga Six classes, on the other hand, range from 5-7 credits per class.

There are four different levels of ClassPass membership, each with a different monthly cost. Here are the Classpass rates:

  • 23 Credits for $49/month. ($2.13/credit)
  • 43 Credits for $89/month. ($2.07/credit)
  • 68 Credits for $139/month. ($2.04/credit)
  • 100 Credits for $199/month. ($1.99/credit)

Do Class Pass Credits Rollover?

YES! You can roll over your Classpass credits.

Each membership allows you to roll over the number of credits you pay for each month. From the membership tiers above, the first one allows you to roll over 23 credits per month, and the last one allows you to roll over 100 credits per month.

Is Class Pass Worth it For Beauty?

There’s a whole different side to ClassPass than just fitness classes! You can actually book beauty services (like manicures and waxes) and wellness treatments (like massages, infrared saunas, and cryotherapy) with your ClassPass credits, too.

Again, I find the pricing to be much more affordable when you book via your Classpass credits versus paying as a walk-in customer. For example, I booked a 100-minute massage ($219 retail value) for 56 credits, which equates to about $115. I still tipped on the regular price, but I saved $100!

Personally, the wellness bookings come in handy when I’ve been out of town or slacking on my workouts. If I have a bunch of credits that are about to expire, I’ll use them to book a full-body massage instead of letting them go to waste. Major win!

What I Love About Class Pass

Another one of my favorite parts of ClassPass is that you can use your credits in any market! When I’ve been on a trip or traveling somewhere ClassPass is active, it’s made such a difference in getting me to work out. The app makes it so much easier than scouting all of the studios on my own because you can quickly search and see what’s around you to book. Easy peasy!

You can also see helpful reviews from other Class Pass users! The names of instructors, tips for beginners, as well as a place to leave feedback for the studio.

You can always use my referral link to get your Classpass trial and bonus credits for free!


Does Classpass save you money?

YES! From my calculations, it’s always cheaper for me to book a fitness class through ClassPass than as a drop-in class at the studio.

Is Classpass hard to cancel?

No, you can cancel directly from the app. Click Profile > Account > Manage Plan > Cancel Membership.

How many credits is a class on ClassPass?

It varies based on the location, studio, and time of day. Some classes are only 2 credits, some are 14.

Where can you use Class Pass?

Pretty much everywhere! Internationally, I’ve used ClassPass is available in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

You can use your credits all over the United States, in both big metropolitan areas and smaller cities, too. New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Austin, Milwaukee, Burlington, and SO many more.

What are the cons of ClassPass?

The one ‘con’ I can think of is that studios have less forgiveness and flexibility when it comes to ClassPass bookings. Since the Class Pass classes are booked on a 3rd-party platform, the studios aren’t able to be as flexible with moving or canceling your spot if it’s past the cancellation window.

For comparison, it’s sort of like using a site like Expedia and booking a hotel directly. If you wish to modify your reservation, you generally have more flexibility and freedom when you’re dealing with the hotel directly.

Is this Class Pass review sponsored?

For transparency, this post is not at all sponsored. I’ve always paid for my ClassPass with my own money. After having so many conversations IRL and answering similar questions online over and over, I wanted to write an updated Class Pass review. (You can see my previous review here.)

PS: Class Pass, if you’re reading this and want to work with one of your biggest fans, you know where to find me. 😉🙋🏼‍♀️

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I hope this Class Pass review was helpful! Please let me know if you have any additional questions in the comments below. 🙂

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