Quarantine Outfits: Home Workouts

quarantine workouts at home workout outfits printed leggings

For the first six weeks of quarantine, I was crushing the at-home workouts. But then a slight little injury left me having to scale things back for a while. I think the primary cause of the pain from my right thumb all the way to my right elbow is from being on my phone and computer so much every single day, but after a week that was particularly heavy on yoga, putting weight on my right wrist was pretty unbearable. While I’ve missed yoga these last 3-4 weeks, the thought of having to go to the doctor during this time was all the motivation I needed to rest it for a while. I’ve been trying to spend less time on my phone, but it’s not that easy considering Instagram is a large part of my job. Typically, I hate texting from my computer, but I’ve been trying to text and answer DMs from my desktop, which has been helping a bit so my thumb is not as overused. 🙃 #ThisIs30

But when I have been working out, this is what I’ve been wearing!

Outdoor Voices Workout Set

Outdoor Voices Set (Crop Top + Leggings)

Calia Long Sleeve Tee, Calia Leopard Workout Leggings

Calia Long Sleeve  |  Calia Leopard Leggings

Calia Purple Workout Leggings

SoulCycle Tank  |  Calia Purple Leggings  |  Fuzzy Slippers

Tacky Jacks Sweatshirt, Calia Leggings

Similar Neon Sweatshirt  |  Calia Purple Leggings  |  Fuzzy Slippers

Peloton Tank, Terez Glitter Leggings

Peloton Tank  |  Terez Leggings

Lolla Merch Tee, Terez Rainbow Leopard Leggings

Lolla Tee  |  Terez Rainbow Leopard Leggings (more sizes available here)

Calia by Carrie Underwood Long Sleeve & Leggings

Calia Long Sleeve  |  Calia Tights  |  C9 Sneakers  |  Scrunchie

Onzie Strappy Sports Bra, Terez Rainbow Python Leggings

Onzie Bra  |  Terez Leggings

SoulCycle Tee, Terez Rainbow Python Leggings

SoulCycle Tee  |  Terez Leggings

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  1. 5.20.20
    Lacey said:

    I love this post – your workout clothes are adorable! I love that python pink/purple combo legging!

  2. 5.20.20
    Cynthia said:

    Thanks for keeping it real!

    • 5.22.20
      Jessica said:


  3. 5.22.20
    Kat said:

    Your workout clothes are too cute! Break that sweat while looking fresh!