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I’ve been using Fré Skincare products pre- and post-workout for almost three years now, so I figured it was time for a little review! I shared a few of these back in 2018 when I posted What’s In My Gym Bag, but there’s a few newer products that I’m obsessed with, so I wanted to share a bit more. And since they’re running a 40% off promotion this weekend, I figured it’s the perfect time in case you also want to try it out.

Fré’s ethos (and their entire collection) is made for skin that SWEATS! I’ve kept their original 123 set in my gym bag for years. The travel-sized set that comes in a little mesh bag is great to throw in your purse, and also a great way to try out the line! Each comes with a purifying cleanser, a replenishing serum, and a moisturizer with SPF. If you’re running outdoors, apply the SPF first, then cleanse, then use the serum. If you’re doing an indoor workout, cleanse first, use the serum, and then apply SPF before you head outside.

The cleanser is purifying, but it’s so gentle on sensitive skin! It’s super hydrating, so it doesn’t strip your skin like most purifying cleansers, and it has tiny little beads that gently exfoliate after a sweaty workout. The replenishing serum is packed with vitamins and minerals to give your skin what it needs after exercise. And the moisturizer doesn’t feel like a sunscreen at all… Most importantly, it doesn’t make your eyes sting when sweat is running down your face!

My favorite product of all has to be the Detox Me mask! It’s SO GOOD! Use it after a good sweat sesh, or even if you didn’t workout. It’s quick, it’s exfoliating, it’s hydrating, it instantly evens out your complexion, and makes your skin look so healthy.

The Body Set is another favorite of mine… I used up the cleanser quickly, but the body oil lasts forever. (But they’re not pictured because I’m out of both of them!) However, the MVP of this set is hands-down the body SPF! I use it all over my arms, legs, and chest before I go out for a run, but also in the summertime when I’m doing outdoor activities like attending street fests, going to baseball games, hanging out at the park, etc. Basically whenever I’m going to be outside and sweaty in the summer! Since it’s specifically formulated for sweaty skin, it’s SO MUCH better than your average sunscreen. Definitely a fav!

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