Sunday Scrolls: No. 171

Chicago blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins wearing a two piece coral set at a Revolve lunch at Pizzeria Portofino on the river.

What do you think? Do you like Sunday Scrolls or Friday Finds better? I’ll do a poll on Instagram stories.

‘Finds’ has always felt right because everything on here is something I’ve screenshotted on my phone over the last week. (This usually happens when I’m scrolling, so I suppose ‘Scrolls’ also works.) Honestly, compiling this weekly list is a way for me to sort of clean up my screenshots each week, but it’s not enough. My toxic trait is that I’m a digital hoarder. Full stop. I have almost 109k photos and videos on my phone, and almost 29,000 of those are screenshots. I think it’s partially a Virgo thing with always having #receipts, but I’m always trying to clean them up. (Which generally just looks like transferring them into the notes section of my phone, which is also a colossal clusterfuck. 🫠)

I’m always so intrigued by peoples’ systems and workflows and how they organize their life (🤓), so if you have any advice in this realm, I’M ALL EARS!! Especially if you have a job where you need to corral soooo much #content. 📸 Or if you know of any good accounts to follow or blogs to read about this, would love the recommendations.

Things to Read, Watch, & Listen to

What is it about Montecito? (One of my favorite places on Earth!)

Dave sent me these two NYT articles to read over the last few weeks… If you’re into music, they’re both great reads. Saying Goodbye to the Dead, Again and How Phishโ€™s Lighting Designer Jams With the Band

We watched The Beanie Bubble last weekend and I highly recommend it!

Speaking of old-school nostalgia, has anyone watched the Class of ’07 show?? Need to know if I should add it to my list or not.

Loved reading about Julia’s 6 months of sobriety.

Fyre Fest — Round 2?! Lord.

Things to Shop

I’ve been eyeing Adidas Sambas for a while, and I think I finally decided on this style and colorway even though it’s technically from the Men’s section. Or should I go the Gazelle route instead?! Decisions, decisions.

Also in another shopping cart waiting to be purchased… This dress and this sun hat.

I had heard really great things about this SPF Face Mist and bought two bottles at the beginning of summer, one for me and one for Lobstah Dave! 🦞 It looks similar to the Supergoop one I’ve always used that’s more of a setting spray, but I love how it’s SPF50 and seemingly a bit more versatile. Dave has since bought a few more bottles! You know how guys are, they like one product that works from head to toe, so he uses it as fully body sunscreen. The spray is convenient and the smell is so nostalgic! Great for those who are typically sunscreen averse.

How darling is this crochet trim tank?! The green with pink is my favorite and you can save 15% with code H3H1.

The Laundress is BACK! (And you can save 15% on your first order when you sign up for emails.)

Things to Cook

We have SO much basil that needs to be harvested in our garden and usually use Marcella Hazan’s pesto recipe, but I’m going to try making this Dairy-Free Pesto recipe this weekend!

Other Things of Note

2048 Non-Alcoholic Wine Shop | I can’t wait to check out this female-founded, black-owned, non-alcoholic Bottle Shop when it opens on September 1st! You can also follow this Honeycomb link to help invest in their business.

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Outfit Details: Crop Top, Wide Leg Pants, Heels, Pearl Hoops, Bag

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