Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 25

Chicago blogger Bows & Sequins styling a black visor and a tennis skort.

Happy, happy Friday! I feel like a broken record at this point — “wow, crazy week, don’t even know where to begin.” 😂 But it’s true! June has been insane. Between lots of deadlines this week, moving next week (my Redi-Boxes get delivered Monday and my movers come on Thursday), a packed schedule of events, having a guest over yesterday to record a new podcast episode, a friend staying with me this weekend, and being in a wedding next weekend… I’ve just got my eye on the prize. And that prize is Monday, July 1st, haha! (When I can settle into my new space and start this next chapter in Chicago…) So, so, so much to look forward to this weekend, this coming week, and next weekend, and I’m so excited for it all, but I’ve just been having to take it one day (or really, one hour) at a time so I don’t get too overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done between now and then. 🤯

Oh, PS: Since I am moving THIS COMING WEEK, I would love to completely clear out my Poshmark listings before then so I won’t have to deal with moving all of that extra stuff! So if you like anything you see, make me an offer. Chances are I will accept or try to meet you in the middle! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are this week’s finds…

DON’T MISS THIS SALE!ย FRร‰ Skincare (I’ve shared about this brand before here) is doing the biggest sale they’ve ever done — 50% off! (Use code BSS at checkout!) I sound like I broken record, but I *swear by* these products. Their Cleanser and Replenishing Serum are my go-to’s right after a workout… I swear it’s this stuff that keeps my skin looking fresh, glowy, and healthy with how much I sweat during spin and hot yoga. (All of their products are specifically formulated for sweaty skin!) I keep this little bag/set in my purse for classes I go to, and I keep this bigger set at home for when I get off the Peloton. I also LOVE their Detox Mask — It’s the perfect post-workout mask if you’re showering to go somewhere after! AND they just launched BODY earlier this week!! I’ve only used it twice so far, but I have a feeling I’m going to love it just as much as I do their face set. So far so good! Their products are pricey (the quality is definitely there!), so definitely take advantage of this 50% off promo — it’s for TODAY ONLY! Use code BSS

Another great sale not to miss — all sale items at BaubleBar are under $20! I have these clear hoops and these tortoise hoops and both are only $10 right now! I would definitely pick up this $12 multi-colored ring before it sells out. Also loving these little $10 pendant necklaces — great for gifting.

Can’t wait to go to the newly opened Philz Coffee in Chicago!

I am SO IN LOVE with these striped sneakers!

Ugh, this floral print midi dress is just too pretty. *adds to cart*

This whiskey cocktail sounds so delish!

This book is next on my list. Have you read it?!

Black and white bow slides on sale!

Yep, going to need this sweatshirt. And this one, too!

Julia’s six-month update after going on anxiety medicine is all sorts of inspiring!

Going to need to find myself some peel and stick wallpaper for my next place!

If you hate your job, read this.

What it actually means to find your passion.

9 Things to Know About Starting a Business

Loving this swim collab! All of the suits are tres chic.

Chicago blogger Bows & Sequins playing tennis in black skort and visor.

Chicago fitness blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins playing tennis in an all black outfit with a skort and visor.

Chicago health and wellness blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins playing tennis in a black skort and visor near the lake in Streeterville.

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  1. 6.21.19
    Meg said:

    Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good line-up for the rest of June. I can’t wait to see photos of your new apartment — and yes to some wallpaper! So cute! June has been super weird for me, because my husband and I are expecting our first child June 29 — so we’re just waiting for her arrival (and trying to cram in a bunch of work stuff before she comes!). XOXO, Meg

  2. 6.21.19
    Rena said:

    Thanks for the picks, this floral dress is so cute!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. 6.21.19

    Iced mint mojito at Philz – you won’t be disappointed!

    Liz @

  4. 6.22.19
    Maureen said:

    Sounds pretty hectic but there is light at the end of the tunnel so yay for your new place! I hope you are having a good weekend so far and love your tennis ensemble!

    Maureen |

  5. 6.25.19
    Brianna Rooney said:

    These pictures are all so good and I want to buy that skort for an upcoming trip where I pretend to be good at tennis!