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Hi friends! Writing to you with a bit of a different request today… I need your help!

In 2019, I applied for the Sephora Squad, which you may remember because a portion of that application was gathering testimonials from readers and followers. I didn’t get chosen for that partnership, which was a bummer, but you all came through for me in a huge way! I think somewhere close to 500 of you took time out of your day to write me a little note that the brand was able to see when making their selections.

Even though those testimonials were solely beauty related, I wish the system would have been set up in a way where I would have been able to capture all of those testimonials, as I think they’re such a strong representation of the small, but mighty community we have here in my little corner of the internet.

As the content creator/blogger/influencer space has gotten increasingly saturated over the last few years, it’s been harder and harder to stand out to brands. In the past, I’ve heavily relied on brands reaching out to me, but the landscape has shifted a lot and to be able to keep doing this job, I know I need to be more proactive about reaching out to brands I love and would like to work with. Follower testimonials allow me to tell the story of my blog beyond the data!

I feel so unbelievably fortunate to get to turn my passions and interests into a way to make a living, and none of that would be possible without you. On the tougher days, where it feels like TikTok and Reels are the only ways to get ahead and algorithms aren’t showing my content to the people that want to see it, I remind myself that what we have here is bigger than whatever numbers may show on Instagram.

Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the full story. While comments on an Instagram post may not be plentiful, the real-life conversations happening in the DMs are. When only a tiny percentage of my followers are seeing my IG stories, I know the ones who are seeing those posts are invested and engaged.

If you enjoy the content here on my blog or on my Instagram or any other social media pages, I would be eternally grateful if you’d take a minute to fill out this testimonial page and leave me a little love note. These testimonials help give brands and potential sponsors an inside look into my audience, aka you. It’s pretty simple to fill out and should only take a minute or two… There are three multiple-choice questions, along with one box to leave a note. This is the link to complete the survey!

Thank you SO much! As a very small token on my appreciation, I’ll send a Starbucks gift card to ten of you that leave a testimonial. Once you fill out the survey, leave a comment letting me know on this blog post (below), or leave a coffee cup emoji ☕️ in the comments on this Instagram post so I can reach you!

Lots of love,

xx jess

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  1. 2.3.23
    Meghan said:

    So happy to do this. I appreciate your transparency. Good luck!

    • 2.3.23
      Jessica said:

      Thank you so much!! Appreciate you. 🙂

  2. 2.6.23
    Colleen said:

    Love your content and your ability to interact with your followers! I can easily go back to your page for outfit ideas and travel recommendations which are so detailed and great!! ☕️

    • 2.8.23
      Jessica said:

      Thank you SO much, Colleen! Details are my love language so longer-form blog content will always be my favorite to create.

  3. 2.6.23
    Allyson said:

    Happy to do this for you! You’ve always been pretty transparent as a blogger/influencer, which is one of the many reasons I keep following! thanks for sharing your life with us, hopefully this helps in some small way 🙂

    • 2.8.23
      Jessica said:

      Thanks Allyson!! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. 🙂

  4. 3.7.23
    Rachel said:

    I just left a testimonial! Been following your content for years and wish you the best!