My Birthday Wish List

My (33rd!) birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I was recently asked what I wanted for my birthday so I thought it would be fun to put a little wish list together. This list is totally hypothetical, as I actually asked for a new toilet in our primary bathroom 🤪, but it’s fun to browse and think about what’s on my shopping list.

Everything on my mental shopping list lately has been home related, as we’re in the thick of it with decorating our new condo. So there are a few decor pieces on this list, but other than that, I challenged myself to take a look around and think about what I’d love to add to my closet.

Not much different than usual, I seem to have sneakers on the mind. Maybe it’s because I grew up with two brothers, but I think I’ll forever and always be a little bit of a sneaker head. Even before they were “cool,” I’ve always been drawn to kicks.

Birthday Gifts for Women That Are Hard to Shop For

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Cream-Colored Converse High Tops  |  I’m definitely wanting to add a pair of cream-colored Converse high tops to my closet! I think they’re perfect for wearing with straight leg jeans in the fall/winter, as they cover your ankles. And I’ve also seen them look so cute with mini dresses and jean shorts in the summer! My current dilemma.. Do I want this pair, this pair, or this leather pair? All very similar, but so different at the same time. 🤪 Also, if you’re buying a pair… I usually go down half a size! Converse can be confusing with their unisex sizing, so here’s an example… I’m normally an 8.5, so for Converse I’d get an 8, which is a Men’s 6. So just be sure to check if the sizes listed are in women’s or men’s!

Nike Low Dunks  |  Another style I’ve had my eyes on for a couple of seasons! I had another pair of Dunks that I was obsessed with back in 2013 (click here for the ultimate throwback OOTD post!), but they were just a tad too small and hurt my feet to wear for long periods. (Not something you want in a sneaker, you know?) Women’s Low Nike Dunks are kind of hard to get your hands on these days, but you can usually find some on StockX or GOAT. Just remember to go up half a size!

Natalie Obradovich Print  |  We need a piece of art above the toilet in our guest bathroom (how many times can I reference toilets in this post?! 🙈) and I’ve been longing for one of Natalie‘s prints for manyyy years! I sent a few of her vertical prints to Dave to get his input, but also because it’s hard for me to narrow down to just one that I love. Her photographs instantly transport you to the coast of Italy and I can’t get enough!

MZ Wallace Deluxe Metro Tote  |  Y’all know I’ve been using MZ Wallace Metro Totes for years! I loaned my large plaid bag to my SIL the last time we were on a trip together (in, like, 2019) and with the pandemic happening shortly after, it’s just hers now. 😂 Now that travel is ramping up again, I’d love to get a new Large Metro Tote, especially now that they come in a Deluxe version that has a luggage sleeve and crossbody strap. IMO, the Large size is the perfect giant bag to use as a ‘personal item’ when you’re carrying on. But if you’re less of a shlepper and don’t mind checking luggage, the Medium may be fine for you. I *love* this new jute print and the leopard print, but I can’t seem to find either in the Large size, so black or the black and white print will have to do!

Longines Watch  |  I’m majorly lusting over Longines watches lately! I haven’t worn a watch since my Michael Kors days, as there hasn’t really been anything in a ‘mid-price’ range that’s caught my eye. I kind of figured until I could one day treat myself to the Rolex I wanted, I’d go watch-less for the most part. 😂 I’ve loved this Gucci watch for a few years (as seen in this post), but seeing as Gucci isn’t known for their timepieces, it hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind. Enter Longines… They have a long history of watchmaking (since 1832), are Swiss-made, and have the look of the classic timepieces I usually gravitate towards. Now the question… this one or this one?!

Golden Goose Sneakers  |  You know my love for Golden Goose sneakers runs deep! I have a few pairs and I’ve worn them all into the ground over the last 3-4 years since I got my first pair. My white pair is looking prettyyyy tragic lately and I’ve finally decided on this pair being a great replacement! I’ve also been thinking about a pair of MidStars for the last few seasons and love this leopard pair.

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