Nap Dress Drop: Victorian Romance

Hill House Victorian Romance Full Collection

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 2nd for the latest Nap Dress drop! I know you guys love Hill House just as much as I do, so I wanted to give you ample amounts of time to set your alarm, block off your schedule, and plan your buy. It’s a good one!

Hill House Victorian Romance Lace Layering

If you’re a first time shopper on Hill House Home, you can use my link for 20% off your first purchase of $100 or more!

Hill House Victorian Romance Fabrics

The Victorian Romance prints and fabrics are so chic… Two custom floral prints, a rainbow tweed, luxe lace, and a beautiful tulle that’s also available in lilac!

Hill House Launches Nap Dresses with Pockets in Victorian Romance

Everyone’s favorite Ellie Dress got a little makeover… It looks like they’ve added pockets and made the smocked bodice a tad bit longer. I can’t wait to see the changes IRL! To my understanding, just the colors and patterns below reflect these updates.

Hill House Launches New Victorian Romance Nap Dresses

They’re also launching a Collector’s Edition and the four dresses are absolutely stunning!

Hill House Launches Collector's Editions

FYI: None of the four Collector’s Edition Dresses are lined! They’re purposefully designed unlined for maximum versatility and unlimited styling options.

The founder shared on Instagram a few days ago that they’ve tests all dresses with this slip and it’s the perfect pair. You can find more “nude” colors of the same slip here!

Hill House Victorian Romance Lace Top for Layering

I love, love, LOVE this lace top! It looks cute styled with pants or a skirt, but it looks especially chic layered under the Ellie Nap Dress! They’ve even showed them layered under the Collector’s Edition lace dresses and it’s truly *chef’s kiss!*

The White Lace Millie under the White Lace Ellie is soooooo perfect for brides-to-be and any of their upcoming bridal looks! So stunning.

Hill House Launches Ava Dress

There are a few new dress styles, too! The Ava, Elizabeth, Ophelia, Samantha, and Lily.

The Ava Dress above has a corset effect without any of the traditional corset discomfort since it has smocking in the back.

Hill House Victorian Romance Short Ellie Elizabeth Mini Nap Dress

The Elizabeth is essentially the Short Ellie! It’s an-above-the-knee mini dress version of Ellie, with pockets!

Hill House Launches Ophelia Dress

The Ophelia has an adjustable neckline that can be worn two different ways. It also has a smocked back and a side zipper!

Hill House Launches New Nap Dresses with Zippers

The Samantha is such a cute new silhouette, too! It has a side zip with a smocked back and an adjustable neckline, just a shorter length than the Ophelia with a ruffled hem and sleeves.

Hill House Launches Samantha Dress

There’s a new top style, too!

Hill House Victorian Romance Top with Jeweled Buttons

No collection is complete without coordinating headbands and hair accessories!

Hill House Victorian Romance Headband Accessories

Don’t forget! If you’re a first time shopper on Hill House, you can use my link for 20% off your first purchase of $100 or more.

Which prints, fabrics, and styles are calling your name this drop?!

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  1. 2.1.22
    Kelly said:

    Love this post! I have acquired quite the collection of nap dresses over the last year. I lived in them in over the summer!
    Would love to hear what you plan to order tomorrow! I think the pond floral print is so pretty. Debating on a different dress, but I just love the Ellie! I adore the collectors edition dresses, but not sure I can justify the price of one without an occasion to wear it to in mind.