Winter Coat Guide

Style Guide: Winter Coats. Bows & Sequins shares a comprehensive guide to great coats that won't break the bank! Winter Parkas, Wool Coats, Puffers, Teddy Coats, Shearling Jackets, Camel Coats, and Colorful Coats.

Choosing one perfect winter coat would be virtually impossible… Especially when you live in Chicago and you don’t leave your house without some sort of coat for about eight months out of the year!

You’ve got to take quite a few things into account… Your personal style, existing wardrobe body type, height, lifestyle, budget, and climate. From there, you’ll narrow in on the handful of styles that make ย the most sense to have in your coat closet!

In this post, I’ve broken it down into categories of coats! From puffers to faux fur, camel to colorful, teddies, heavy duty parkas, and everything in between. You’re sure to find a coat you’ll love for this season and years to come.

Long Wool Coats

These tend to be your dressier coats in your closet! If you’re heading out on a date or to a work dinner, chances are you’ll want a longer wool coat to elevate your look.

Puffer Coats

These tend to be for your off duty* days! Running errands, walking the dog, to-and-from the gym or a workout class… Something warm and easy to throw on without worrying about matching your outfit or where you’re headed.

*Although I will say they’re definitely trending this season, so you’ll see them a lot more often!

Shearling Teddy Coats

While a teddy coat was once a trending topper, I now consider it a staple! Such a fun, cozy piece to throw on over any outfit to take it up a notch on the style scale.

Leather-Like Coats

Leather puffers have been having their moment the last few seasons, but now you’ll see even more styles to choose from. Leather trenches, leather shackets, etc.

Camel Coats

I’ll go out on a limb and say that most everyone needs a classic camel coat in their closet! Yes, you’ll need to find the right shade of camel for your hair and skin tone, but once you do, you’ll have a timeless outerwear option that you can dress both up or down. A camel coat instantly elevates any outfit!

Faux Fur Coats

If faux fur doesn’t fit with your personal style, skip it! But if it does, this will be another one of your dressier coats. Great for going out in the winter months!

Colorful Coats

Again, a colorful coat might not be your jam and that’s okay! But if you like to inject some brights (or pastels!) into your wardrobe, find a hue that pairs with a lot of pieces in your wardrobe and grab a fun piece of outerwear in a complementary shade.

Winter White Coats

Nothing beats a chic winter white look! If you’re like me and on the clumsier side, your winter whites won’t be your everyday coats, but they’re fun to have in the closet to mix it up.

Leopard Coats

A leopard print coat is a staple in my closet! It’s so hard to find a classic-looking leopard coat… So much so that I produced my own with my capsule clothing line in the fall of 2015! I’ve rounded up a handful here that fit the bill. The first one looks so similar to the one in my collection!

Heavy Duty Parka Coats

And if you live in a cold climate like Chicago, you’re going to need a heavy duty parka for the frigid months. You can splurge on brands like Canada Goose, Mackage, and Moncler, but I’ve rounded up a bunch of styles under $300 that won’t break the bank! And although they’re not in this shopping widget, I’ve heard great things about Artizia’s selection of parkas.

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