Pucker Up

It’s hard to believe that we’re already about 1/4 of the way into February, but I have a feeling the rest of the month is going to fly by even faster. New York Fashion Week officially begins today and F/W 2014 looks have already started walking down the runways! [Sorry in advance to my friends & family… Talk to you in a few weeks.] The Olympic games in Sochi also start today and before you know it, February 14th will be here, too. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentines’ Day (I’ve got a hot date with Hallie & Ashley), or spending some QT with yourself, it’s always more fun to be a little bit festive, no?

When I spotted this lipstick print sweater, I knew it would pair perfectly with my Kate Spade skirt. You know what they say, “Too much of a good thing is… even better.” Do they say that? Who knows, but I do. When I got home and realized that my J.Crew hot pink pumps couldn’t actually match the sweater or skirt more if they tried, it was dubbed a meant to be situation.

To make my look even more literal, I went with punchy pink jewelry from Charming Charlie. A fabulous pair of two-tone earrings, a gorgeous pave link necklace that picks up the pink so well, a set of bracelets that will be the perfect pop of color in my neutral wrist stacks, and these adorable L-O-V-E rings! The best part about each piece? The price.

Forever 21 Sweater | Kate Spade Skirt | J.Crew Pumps (sold out, similar here, here, & here) | Charming Charlie Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets (more great colors!) c/o | NARS Rikugien

Photos taken by Hallie Wilson

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Charming Charlie. As always, all opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting the brands and collaborations that make Bows & Sequins possible!

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  1. 2.6.14

    This is so girly, I love it. I need to find something like this for V-Day!

  2. 2.6.14
    Stacey commented:

    This look is too adorable for Valentines Day!! I love how much pink there is in this!

    Five Minute Style 

  3. 2.6.14

    What a super cute skirt! Love it!

    X Sara

  4. 2.6.14
    Rachelle commented:

    Love this it’s girly and so cute. Love that sweater.


  5. 2.6.14

    How not to fall in love about a lips everywhere outfit!? Specially with the touch of those fancy shoes! Love it all.


  6. 2.6.14
    Kristin Waldman commented:

    Love this look for Valentine’s Day!

  7. 2.6.14
    Ashley commented:

    Valentine’s Day Chic, so fun!! xx


  8. 2.6.14
    Ruthanna commented:

    The shoes are fabulous!! And I LOVE the outfit – it’s the perfect thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!


  9. 2.6.14

    This is beyond perfection! LOVE you in such bold fun colors like this!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  10. 2.6.14
    Hollis commented:

    This is seriously too cute. Love the look! XO

  11. 2.6.14
    Kayla commented:

    LOVE that sweater! So flippin’ cute!!


  12. 2.6.14

    There’s not one single thing that I don’t love about this look! It’s perfect!
    But the shoes…that’s my favourite!

    Love Sara

  13. 2.6.14
    Meagan commented:

    Love the sweater!!!!

  14. 2.6.14
    Casey commented:

    Love the ‘love’ ring, have a wonderful NYFW I am so jealous of everyone but I will be following along with you guys. Valentine’s Day dates with girlfriends are sometimes even better 😉

  15. 2.6.14
    Chelsea commented:

    I cannot get over how perfect these shoes are for Valentine’s Day. What a perfect pop of pink!

    Chelsea & The City

  16. 2.6.14
    Courtney commented:

    Love this outfit! I feel like i would look crazy if I tried to wear that much pink but you pulled it off really well! 🙂


  17. 2.6.14
    Chris commented:

    SO FLIPPING CUTE! (but weren’t you freezing? lol)

  18. 2.6.14
    Code Overdressed commented:

    You are the sweetest thing ever, this is such a cute and perfect Vday’s look!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  19. 2.6.14
    Agi commented:

    Very cute, very flirty and very apro pos for Valentine’s Day.



  20. 2.6.14
    Sam commented:

    How cute are you?! Love the printed pieces and your accessories. I hope you shot these photos pre-vortex with those bare legs 🙂 Have a great start to Fashion Week!


  21. 2.6.14
    Danielle commented:

    Jess you are so cute! This outfit is darling, I would wear this in a heartbeat! <— See what I did there? 😉


  22. 2.6.14
    Brinkley Field commented:

    SO CUTE!

  23. 2.6.14
    Tiffany Elam commented:

    I LOVE Charming Charlie. The pieces are fab & affordable!!

  24. 2.6.14
    Nikki commented:

    Love all of the pink and the lips prints. You look adorable! And so Valentine’s festive!


  25. 2.6.14
    Jamie commented:

    You are an adorable cupcake, this outfit could not get any cuter!



  26. 2.6.14
    abigail sterling commented:

    This outfit is the cutest! Love it!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  27. 2.6.14
    Alexandra Aimee commented:

    This is adorable! The contrast between the lip patterns is just right.

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  28. 2.6.14
    Idalia commented:

    this is too fabulous! love it!

    http://www.abstractorganza.blogspot.com (new post with Chloe+Isabel giveaway!)

  29. 2.6.14
    Shira commented:

    This is SO.FREAKIN.CUTE. hehe, keep piling it on, it’s never enough:)


  30. 2.6.14
    Karen commented:

    You look s beautiful. I love how you paired the sweater and that gorgeous printed skirt. I must say I love the sweater, earrings and the shoes. Great job Jessica

  31. 2.7.14
    Vera Sawicki commented:

    I absolutely love this entire outfit & the shoes are amazing!!


  32. 2.7.14
    sasa commented:

    Hi Jessica, checked out your blog! It’s awesome , love your blog! This is such a sweet outfit. Love the pinkish colors on you. You look great:) Take care! Talk to you soon<3


  33. 2.7.14
    Nodisha commented:

    Girl!!! This could not have come together more perfect. It works so well!!!! I love it.

  34. 2.8.14

    You’re sweater is possibly the cutest thing ever. and i love the matching pink!

  35. 2.8.14

    You’re sweater is possibly the cutest thing ever. and i love the matching pink!


  36. 2.8.14
    Morgan Molitor commented:

    Oh My LANTA! This outfit is AMAZEballs! I need to go get that sweater today!!!!

  37. 2.9.14
    chelsea commented:

    So cute!

  38. 2.9.14
    AJ commented:

    This is too cute! 🙂

    AJ | http://www.TheAJMinute.com

  39. 2.10.14
    Ashara Vale commented:

    I think you look great! Wearing pink, with different prints on different pieces of clothing and accessories can be difficult to pull of, but you do it easily.

    I have a great new blog for inspiration for fashion, and style. I just wrote a post all about the pink trend, and lot’s of outfit inspiration for Valentine’s Day. Come check it out, you’ll love it.

  40. 2.11.14
    Jen commented:

    So fun! Love all the details!


  41. 2.13.14
    Carsla commented:

    My oh my, what a lovely pairing ;D Feminine perfection!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  42. 2.17.14
    Christina commented:

    I wish I could have worn that exact outfit on Valentine’s Day! Best Vday Outfit Ever!!!!!