Friday Finds || Vol. 4, Week 22

Bows & Sequins Travel Guide: Rainbow in Iceland

Ugh. What a fucking week. Saying “Happy Friday” seems disingenuous as I have tears streaming down my face while sitting down to write this post (late on Thursday night), so maybe TGIF is a better greeting. It’s been a very emotionally exhausting week! ( /month /year ) Learning of Margot’s leukemia diagnosis last weekend, right after one of my best friend’s learning one of her family members has cancer and less than a few months to live the week before that, topped with all of the absolutely disgusting new of injustice this week. (And the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that…)

I feel so completely overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in the world. And I’m not even talking about coronavirus right now. I’ve been trying to spend time educating myself about our systemic racism problem here in the US, my white-privilege, covert white supremacy, etc. I know I never mention these types of issues on the blog, but I did want to share this Google doc of resources if you, too, might be searching for ways to better understand the experiences of BIPOC. I also downloaded this audiobookย that was recommended by my friend Hithaย (and also listed in that list of resources). I’ve been trying to read and re-post helpful things on Instagram, too, but none of it feels like enough. We have to do better.

I don’t mean to sound like such a Debbie Downer, especially after my last two heavy blog posts this week, but it feels fictitious to try to muster up anything else to say right now.

TGIF, truly. I hope you, too, find some ways to unplug, relax, and recharge this weekend!

Here are some brighter finds from this week…

Are you pro-TS or anti-TS? (We’re talking tuna salad, not Taylor Swift…) I’m personally a big fan, and can’t wait to try Julia’s recipe!

I know I’ve mentioned my interest in egg freezing before, so I was very interested in Jacey’s Egg Freezing Process. I’m not good with shots and needles, so I had to close my eyes in a lot of the video (which is honestly my main concern about the process), but it was eye-opening to see the whole process. (I’m in awe of Jacey’s constant vulnerability!) I also teared up at a few points, so forewarning.

Supergoop is 20% off with code SUNSALE! Unseen Sunscreen is my holy grail SPF product and I love this Daily Moisturizer, but you can see some of my other favorites in this post!

This swimsuit is very high on my wish list! I also love this long-sleeve top (#sunprotection) with these bottoms. Comes in a bandeau, too!

My Nespresso machine is on sale – 40% off! (Read my review here.)

So excited for Jenn’s upcoming collaboration with Sail to Sable! I got a sneak peek of the pieces and it was so hard to pick a favorite.

As always, having such a sneaker moment. Want them all! (Truly, though… When do you think you’ll wear heels next?!)

How sweet is this rainbow candle?

Obsessed with this custom bar bracelet!

This waffle knit set looks like I something I want to live in.

Love getting little peeks at Mackenzie’s home! That TV looks amazing.

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