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Lifestyle blogger Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins reviews the Nespresso Vertuoline machine.

I don’t talk about my caffeine intake that much here on the blog, but if you follow along on Instagram Stories, I’m always drinking coffee. Never not drinking coffee, if you will. And since I’ve been getting a lot of direct messages about my Nespresso machine lately, I figured I’d try to answer everyone’s questions in one place!

My Nespresso love started back in 2013… I was visiting my college girlfriends in Chicago for New Years Eve and Ellen had just gotten a Nespresso machine for Christmas and apparently it was love at first sip. Even though I had approximately 6 inches of counter space to work with in my kitchen, I bought the smallest original Nespresso machine once I got back to New York and was forever hooked. I even bought another one for my office at the time!

A year later, Nespresso reached out to me when they launched their Vertuoline machine that made both coffee and espresso. Thankfully, I had moved into an apartment with a bigger kitchen by that point and was able to take on that partnership! 😂 (You can see that post from 2014 on the blog here.) And then about a year after that, I worked with Nespresso again on a series of three blog posts (here, here, and here) once I had moved to Chicago.

I love me a trip down memory lane, but I’m rehashing how it all went down for the sake of transparency, just so we’re on the same page. Yes, I’ve worked with Nespresso in the past (after I was already a loyal customer), but this is absolutely not a sponsored post. I haven’t done any paid work for their brand in the last three years, and I’m still a very loyal customer! I’m always sharing on Instagram Stories not because I’m getting paid, but because a) I love my machine and truly believe it’s worth every penny and then some, and because b) “Hey Nespresso, Jess over here, I love you so much, let’s work together again!” 🤪

Anyway… When my Nespresso machine broke a few months ago, I was literally distraught. Sure, I could run out to Starbucks in the morning, but that requires pants. (And shoes, having to see other humans, and maybe even a bra, etc.) I didn’t realize just how much I valued being able to easily brew a cup of coffee (or make an espresso or a latte) right from the comfort of my own kitchen first thing in the morning. While I had used that Nespresso machine multiple times a day for four years, I also learned that I should be cleaning and “descaling” my machine every few months to take better care of it! The more you know…

So now that I’ve got a shiny new Nespresso VertuoPlus to go along with my new kitchen in Bucktown (the timing actually lined up perfectly!), let’s answer some of the questions I’ve been getting on Instagram

Chicago blogger Bows & Sequins reviews her Nespresso coffee and espresso maker.

Can you make iced coffee with this?

Yes! Nespresso just released pods made to go over ice this summer. The Flat White is my favorite!

Why do some machines say De’Longhi and Breville? Are they the same machines?

Nespresso answers this on their website! “The machine you receive may have a “De’Longhi” or “Breville” trademark on the front of the machine in addition to the “Nespresso” trademark. Please contact Nespresso Customer Service for any questions.”

Blogger Bows & Sequins shares her favorite Nespresso pod flavors.

What are you favorite pods?

I love the new Flat White pods for iced. For regular cups of coffee, Vanizio (vanilla), Melozio, and Hazelino (hazelnut) are my favorites. And for espresso shots, I love the Double Espresso Scuro pods and the Altissio pods. You can see them all here!

See my Iced Almond Milk Latte ‘recipe’ here!

I’ve heard that the cup of coffee is too small for travel mugs…

Nespresso has a ton of different size pods! Try the Alto 14oz pods. Your machine knows how many ounces to brew based on the pod itself!

Do I need the aeroccino frother?

Totally a personal preference! I don’t really use mine in the mornings during the week (sometimes in the afternoons when I’m procrastinating from work… 😂), but I do love getting a little fancy on the weekends and using the frother.

Which machine do you recommend? There are so many.

In my opinion, they’re all pretty similar, but you just want to make sure you get one of the Vertuo machines because they’re the only ones that can do both coffee *and* espresso! The original line machines just make espresso capsules.

Does it make lattes/espresso drinks? Or no because it doesn’t have a steamer?

A lot of machines come with an Aeroccino, or you can simply add milk to your coffee or espresso. To be honest, in the morning, I just put some cold almond milk in my mug and brew a coffee pod into it and it’s just fine. 🙂


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And if you’re reading this post after those sales are over, you can also find it at these retailers…

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  1. 7.17.19
    Rena said:

    I think for people who like coffee that much this machine is perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. 7.17.19
    Kate said:

    For those wondering if the pods brew enough for your travel mug – you can change the brew amounts to get more out of a pod, which is nice! I’m obsessed with Nespresso, best way to make coffee at home for sure!

    • 7.17.19
      Jessica said:

      Also worth noting: I double brew espresso pods all the time when I’m making a latte. I’ve never tried it with coffee pods though!

  3. 7.17.19
    Sarah said:

    I actually bought my VertuoPlus machine because I saw your posts (well, also because I love coffee). It’s amazing! My favorite coffee machine to date.

  4. 1.9.21
    Mary Browne said:

    Do you get no foam on an espresso
    Without the frothier?
    They show it on the box with foam on it

    • 1.18.21
      Jessica said:

      The Nespresso naturally gives a tad bit of foam for coffee and espresso!